Keenan Luke Contributor Proposal for 09/2021 to 11/2021

Time Frame: September 13th, 2021 - November 5th, 2021. Full-time with 40 workable days/2 months

Position: Lead of DXvoice squad

Background: Hey! I’m Keenan. I have been leading the Communications and Marketing Squad (DXvoice) at DXdao. This last period was full of surprises, stress and most importantly - accomplishment. Much of our work in the previous months has culminated in the SWPR token and farming launch on Arbitrum - to what can only be described as a resounding success thus far. I am incredibly proud of the Swapr squad and everyone involved in the launch process, and am excited to continue to move Swapr forward together.

This proposal also marks an important milestone in my DXdao journey. Within my first non-trial period proposal I had indicated a “long term career goal of attaining experience level 5 within 2 years.”. Since that proposal I have transitioned from a support to a lead, made DXdao and its products my primary focus, and coordinated many initiatives including the operation of the newly established DXvoice squad. I have received incredible support from other DXdao contributors regarding a level increase from 4 to 5, representing me reaching my personal goals far before I had anticipated. My journey has been incredibly fulfilling and exciting thus far. Regardless of whether this level change passes at this time - there is nowhere I would rather be than here.

Reflection on previous proposal:

In reflection of my previous proposal, July - Sept, what I think I did well includes:

  • Preparing DXdao and Swapr community facets for potential growth. In preparation for the, at the time, upcoming Swapr Arbitrum release and token launch I had prepared full overhauls of our most common community outlets. This includes Discord navigation, permissions, verification systems, ticketing procedure, moderation delegation, presented information/links, and much more. This was a large success, seeing a massive increase in active accounts and incoming messaging. Big shoutout to @arhat for his deep attention to these channels during the launch period, especially in my absence.
  • Assisting in the facilitation of the SWPR token launch. We launched the SWPR token this period, which was already an incredibly demanding task in itself. On top of this, a deployment hitch caused the necessity of a token migration and contract redeployment. I don’t think I did a good job specifically here, I think that everyone involved in the process from technical to non-technical did an absolutely fantastic job. As for my personal accomplishments in this process, I handled much of the communication strategy surrounding the original launch and subsequent redeployment/migration, marketing materials/post coordination, tokenomics, farming plans and proposal preparation.

What I think I could improve on:

  • Despite the glaring reason of why, I felt I did not do a good enough job managing DXdocs this period. The SWPR launch was incredibly time consuming and left too few gaps to get a comprehensive update out for when I had originally hoped. This will be a priority for me in the coming weeks, including but not limited to intrasquad coordination of technical documentation and roadmapping.


[65%] Community, Communications, and Marketing

  • Lead DXdao’s “DXvoice” squad
    • Organize, run, and manage various initiatives including but not limited to squad calls, marketing processes, community calls, events, content coordination, etc…
    • Explore the potential for DXvoice to become a more independent entity with its own goals. Content as a service? Etc…
    • Coordinate plans surrounding DXvoice multi-sig plans and expenditure.
  • Keep third party representation of the DXdao brand consistent
    • Coingecko, CMC, BF, articles, etc…
  • Continue to push announcements and other content in waves via socials
    • Encouraging third party involvement where feasible
  • Move forward as a figurehead for the DXdao Community
    • Potential to slowly shift into thought leadership, if the opportunity presents itself
  • Continue creation and curation of Discord and its related initiatives
    • Discord Quarterly REP boosts, as an example
  • Elaborate on deadlines with Squad leads to cement strategy between DXvoice squad
  • Write, Edit, and format content including announcements, MIR, etc…
  • Initial thought and preparation for a dedicated DXdao forum
  • Initial thought and preparation of “docs.eth” product
  • Assist with Omen landing page and documentation process as needed
  • Continue to manage inflow
    • User support, Bizdev opportunities, social media inflow, etc…
  • Continue with SWPR tokenomics and liquidity mining plan adjustments
  • Refine plan to cement Swapr as the defacto Arbitrum AMM

[10%] Contributor Experience

  • Continue to assist with the onboarding process
  • Help address contributor concerns, assist key squad members where bandwidth is tight, attend squad meetings
  • Revisitation of the Contributor Compensation Overhaul now that it has had processing time
  • Help maintain Open Positions document and Bounties, and export to DXdocs

[10%] DXdocs

  • Continue to lead the DXdocs effort. Github here.
    • Create and format associated text, run the project board and ensure relevant deadlines are met.

[5%] Landing page efforts

  • Continue to lead and finalize the DXdao landing page/branding effort
  • Resolve payment and coordinate the Swapr Landing page through initial prepared draft
  • Confirm engagement of Omen landing page and coordinate if needed

[5%] BizDev

  • Assist BizDev squad
    • Including DXventures, Aqua IDOs, Swapr partnerships, etc…
  • Seek opportunities and present to BizDev squad/relevant community members
  • Manage inflow from community social channels surrounding bizdev opportunities
  • Become an “Ambassador” as needed

[5%] QA

  • Assist with QA on new releases/before new releases when needed

Work Experience:


As briefly described in the background section, I will be requesting compensation at level 5 as a result of support from several contributors from differing areas of operation at DXdao. I will give a few extra days of processing on the forum before creating a proposal on-chain - to allow any discussion to be held prior to the voting period.

  • Experience Level: 5
  • Full-time.
  • Month one.
    • $8,000 (xDai) + $81 (xDai).
    • $6,000 (DXD). Vested for 2 years.
    • 0.1667% REP.
  • Month two.
    • $8,000 (xDai) + $81 (xDai).
    • $6,000 (DXD). Vested for 2 years.
    • 0.1667% REP.

$81 accounts for the previously specified $36 monthly community tool costs (statbot, yagpdb, etc…), as well as a new $45 monthly expenditure of Discord boosts to attain level 2 (Better audio quality, banner, community server status, etc). Although these community costs are still small, I would like to transition these to either their own proposal or the multi-sig as the costs grow - bonus benefit of deeper accountability and a trail that can be followed if I were to disappear.

The first proposal will request Month one’s xDai at the beginning of the period. The second proposal will request Month two’s xDai, and 0.3334% mainnet REP on xDai at the end of the period. The second proposal will also specify owed % of mainnet REP, and owed DXD based on ATH price.

Compensation Disclaimer

This proposal falls under the current Contributor Guidelines, enacted on February 17, 2021.

Should DXdao approve any changes to the Contributor Guidelines Compensation Structure that go into effect during my stated contract period, I reserve the right to introduce a new Daotalk post and on-chain proposal to adjust the above stated compensation amounts to reflect the new compensation structure.

I am aware that any change in my compensation level must be reviewed and approved by my squad, squad leader, and the Contributor UX leader, before I can make a new proposal for this change in compensation.