Keenan Luke Contributor Proposal for 07/2021 to 09/2021

Time Frame : July 19th, 2021 - September 10th, 2021. Full-time with 40 workable days/2 months

Position : Lead of DXvoice(!) squad

Background : Hey! I’m Keenan. I have been leading the Communications and Marketing Squad at DXdao, which we have recently renamed DXvoice! From my previous proposals, I’ve entered this position in a ladder fashion - beginning my engagement as communications and marketing support, and leading to a much larger commitment including orginizational tasks and guiding the operations of our marketing squad. I also lead and shipped the DXdocs project, am on the cusp of shipping the DXdao landing page overhaul, lead DXdao community efforts as a community leader, among some other tasks listed below.

My previous proposal ended on July 15th, the reason I left a day between these proposals is I had taken a day off for medical purposes during the previous worker proposal. To not unnecessarily complicate my proposal, I simply placed the day off before the start date of this proposal. I had a full commitment on the 16th, and no commitment on July 2nd.

Reflection on previous proposal:

In reflection of my previous proposal, May - July, things I think I did well include:

  • This period I finalized and pushed DXdocs V1.0 to a very positive initial response. I think there is a lot that can continue to flow into DXdocs as the community begins to utilize it to its full extent, and I am incredibly excited to guide that path forward with our documentation resource.

  • Community calls! I am incredibly happy with the outcome of changing our resource coordination call to a bi-weekly community call. This has really brought out engagement within the community, and continues grow in success each iteration.

  • I also was deeply involved in the process of creating the DXdao contributor compensation overhaul including complementary material such as the DXD release and stable release calculator. Although this is yet to see an on-chain vote, discussion (and criticism) have been productive and I am happy with where we are today and where the discussion could continue to move to.

  • Finally, squad leadership and coordination. I wouldn’t consider this perfect, but since the previous proposal where I had formally pushed into an organizational and leadership driven position, the output of DXvoice has increased considerably. DXdao and Swapr Twitter have had their most successful month by a considerable margin, content and other initiatives are more frequent then ever before. This was accomplished through our weekly coordination calls and through the recent squad onboardings.

Things I think I could improve on:

  • I had indicated an interest in beginning the inklings of thought leadership in my previous proposal. Although I pushed forward with my community leadership position through Discord leadership, social moderation, and interviews such as DIGIFIZZY and Publish0x; I didn’t do much on the thought leadership side of things due to commitment constraints. I still have a serious interest in pursuing thought leadership, but don’t want to make any false promises in my proposal provided the time isn’t quite right.

  • I didn’t do enough to coordinate between squads surrounding timelining. Although the communication pipeline between squads surrounding marketing has been great, I had not done enough planning ahead for scheduling purposes as my previous proposal stated. This is a tall task with DXdao as a fast moving and ever changing orginization, but more should have been done here.


[65%] Community, Communications, and Marketing

  • Lead DXdao’s “DXvoice” squad
    • Organize, run, and manage various initiatives including but not limited to squad calls, marketing processes, community calls, events, content coordination, etc…
    • Explore the potential for DXvoice to become a more independant entity with its own goals. Content as a service? Etc…
    • Coordinate plans surrounding multi-sig plans and expenditure.
  • Keep third party representation of the DXdao brand consistent
    • Coingecko, CMC, BF, articles, etc…
  • Continue to push announcements and other content in waves via socials
    • Encouraging third party involvement where feasible
  • Move forward as a figurehead for the DXdao Community
    • Potential to shift into thought leadership, if the opportunity presents itself
  • Continue creation and curation of Discord and its related initiatives
    • Discord Quarterly REP boosts, as an example
  • Elaborate on deadlines with Squad leads to cement strategy between DXvoice squad
  • Write, Edit, and format content including announcements, MIR, etc…
  • Initial thought and preparation for a dedicated DXdao forum
  • Initial thought and preparation of “docs.eth” product
  • Assist with Omen landing page and documentation process as needed
  • Continue to manage inflow
    • User support, Bizdev opportunities, social media inflow, etc…
  • Continue with SWPR tokenomics and liquidity mining plan as pertains to marketing

[10%] Contributor Experience

  • Continue to assist with the onboarding process
  • Help address contributor concerns, assist key squad members where bandwidth is tight, attend squad meetings
  • Finalize Contributor Compensation Overhaul
  • Help maintain Open Positions document and Bounties, and export to DXdocs
  • Work closely alongside Melanie and Chris surrounding the PositionCO initiative

[10%] DXdocs

  • Continue to lead the DXdocs effort. Github here.
    • Create and format associated text, run the project board and ensure deadlines are met.

[5%] Landing page efforts

  • Continue to lead the DXdao landing page/branding effort
  • Resolve payment and coordinate the Swapr Landing page through initial prepared draft

[5%] BizDev

  • Assist BizDev squad
    • Including DXventures, Aqua IDOs, Swapr partnerships, etc…
  • Seek opportunities and present to BizDev squad/relevant community members
  • Manage inflow from community social channels surrounding bizdev opportunities
  • Become an “Ambassador” as needed

[5%] QA

  • Assist with QA on new releases/before new releases when needed

Work Experience:


I will be taking two weeks of vacation this summer. One week at the end of July, and one week at the end of August. The first month request will be accurate, but my August time is yet to be solidified. If any changes are made, they will be reflected in the 2/2 payment proposal for this period.

  • Experience Level: 4
  • Full-time.
  • Month one.
    • $5,250 + 36 (xDai). (1 workable week off = 75% commitment: 7000 x 0.75+36)
    • $3,750 (DXD). Vested for 2 years.
    • 0.125025% REP.
  • Month two.
    • $5,250 + 36 (xDai). (1 workable week off = 75% commitment: 7000 x 0.75+36)
    • $3,750 (DXD). Vested for 2 years.
    • 0.125025% REP.

$36 accounts for the monthly community tool costs, as outlined in the previous proposal. This may be increased, depending on a few factors.

The first proposal will request Month one’s xDai at the beginning of the period. The second proposal will request Month two’s xDai, and 0.25% mainnet REP on xDai at the end of the period. The second proposal will also specify owed % of mainnet REP, and owed DXD based on ATH price.

Compensation Disclaimer

This proposal falls under the current Contributor Guidelines, enacted on February 17, 2021.

Should DXdao approve any changes to the Contributor Guidelines Compensation Structure that go into effect during my stated contract period, I reserve the right to introduce a new Daotalk post and on-chain proposal to adjust the above stated compensation amounts to reflect the new compensation structure.

I am aware that any change in my compensation level must be reviewed and approved by my squad, squad leader, and the Contributor UX leader, before I can make a new proposal for this change in compensation.

Related to this disclaimer, I am interested in a discussion of my contributor level surrounding my recent performance and responsibilities in the near future. If the Contributor Compensation Overhaul does not pass, I would like to discuss contribution at level 4.5. If the Overhaul does pass, I will follow the outlined flow to the selection of a new level including peer review.


Keenan took the time to teach me the workings of the DXvoice squad and answer all of the questions I’ve had. He’s also been providing feedback and/or guidance on most of the Medium articles I’ve written, many of the initiatives I’ve undertaken, and many of my Tweets. Needless to say, Keenan’s working tirelessly leading the DXvoice squad!