Keenan Luke Contributor Proposal for 05/2021 to 07/2021

Time Frame: May 20th, 2021 - July 15th, 2021. Full-time with 40 workable days/2 months

Position: Lead of Communications and Marketing

Background: Last period was interesting, exciting, and challenging. I had quickly found myself overwhelmed with a multitude of tasks including an increased commitment to the leadership/organizational role within Communications and Marketing, community leadership, content creation, ecosystem communication/DXbiz support, DXdocs ownership, landing page initiative ownership, QA, onboarding, and the establishment of the Contributor experience squad. This culminated in not only overworking myself, but feeling as if I had not been doing satisfactory work due to the time commitment being spread thin. Looking to the future, we are recruiting in our weak points and I will be leveraging this growing squad to ensure I can keep my focus a bit more refined.

My previous proposal ended on May 18th, the reason I left a day between these proposals is that I am taking May the 21st off to take care of some personal business. To not unnecessarily complicate my proposal, I simply placed the day off before the start date. I had a full commitment on the 19th, and will not have a commitment on the 21st.

Reflection on previous proposal:

In reflection of my previous proposal, March - May, things I think I did well include:

  • Despite not being able to commit nearly as much time as I’d like, I am very happy with the current state of DXdocs. We have deadlines in place to get DXdocs V1.0 ready within roughly a week of this post going live.
  • This period I, more-so than previously, have been leading the organizational tasks for the Communications and Marketing squad. While I am personally not fully satisfied with our Marketing output in the previous period, I believe that we did a fantastic job given the various factors at play. (My time/focus was spread too wide, we had a lack of manpower and expenditure - lessened further by the loss of a squad member, etc…) We are also taking the right steps to rectify the present issues, through the onboarding of Caden and Kyle, and recruitment of a Senior marketing lead through PositionCo.

Things I think I could improve on:

  • I took on too wide of a responsibility pool and found myself stretched wide. There was a window where I found myself contributing much more than 40h/w, and made myself available from waking until sleep on Keybase/Discord/etc, which definitely wasn’t healthy and affected me personally. Massive thank you to those that recognised it and sent encouraging messages, I really appreciate it. I’d like to improve on this by adhering closer to an 8h window of availability, which I aim to ease into as the marketing and communications squad builds out.
  • I think I could have done more as a community leader. Particularly I had found that other urgent priorities superseded the windows I prepared to focus on the community. The solution here, related to the above, is to ensure I am not taking on more responsibilities than I have time to complete as an individual, and leveraging the growing communications and marketing squad when possible to free additional time.


[65%] Community, Communications, and Marketing

  • Lead the DXdao Communications and Marketing Squad
    • Organize, run, and manage various initiatives including but not limited to squad calls, marketing processes, community calls, events, content coordination, etc…
  • Refine a Social Media strategy to target increased consistency and grow an engaged audience
  • Keep third party representation of the DXdao brand consistent
    • Coingecko, CMC, BF, articles, etc…
  • Continue to push announcements and other content in waves via socials
    • Encouraging third party involvement where feasible
  • Move forward as a figurehead for the DXdao Community
    • Potential to transition from a somewhat anonymous identity on socials to a position of thought leadership
  • Continue curation of Discord
    • Planned overhaul of ticket system, moderation changes, recording bot changes, opt-in notifications, and clutter reduction
  • Reiterate and refine previous deadlines with Squad leads to solidify strategy between marketing and communications squad
  • Write, Edit, and format content including announcements, MIR, etc…
  • Prepare a Marketing and Communications budget and multi-sig
  • Initial thought and preparation for a dedicated DXdao forum
  • Assist with Omen landing page and documentation process as needed
  • Continue to manage inflow
    • Including user support, bizdev opportunities, etc…

[10%] Contributor Experience

  • Continue to assist with the onboarding process
  • Help address contributor concerns, contribute to compensation reform, attend squad meetings
  • Assist the squad through the learning process as needed
  • Help maintain Open Positions document, and export to documentation book
  • Work closely alongside Melanie and Chris surrounding the recruitment of a senior marketing lead

[10%] DXdocs

[5%] DXdao Landing page effort

  • Continue to lead the DXdao landing page/branding effort
    • After some complications, we will be moving past the branding effort straight to the landing page. Another more organized attempt to update DXdao’s brand will be made in the future.

[5%] BizDev

  • Assist BizDev squad
    • Including DXventures, Mesa IDOs, Swapr partnerships, etc…
  • Seek opportunities and present to BizDev squad/relevant community members
  • Become an “Ambassador” as needed

[5%] QA

  • Assist with QA on new releases/before new releases when needed
    • Although I’ve only done QA for Swapr so far, it would be fantastic to branch out to Omen and potentially Mesa.

Work Experience:


  • Experience Level: 4
  • Full-time.
  • Month one.
    • $7,036 (xDai).
    • $5,000 (DXD). Vested for 2 years.
    • 0.1667% REP.
  • Month two.
    • $7,036 (xDai).
    • $5,000 (DXD). Vested for 2 years.
    • 0.1667% REP.

$36 accounts for the monthly community tool costs, as outlined in the previous proposal. This may be increased in the second month, depending on a few factors.

The first proposal will request Month one’s xDai at the beginning of the period. The second proposal will request Month two’s xDai, and 0.3334% mainnet REP on xDai at the end of the period. The second proposal will also specify owed % of mainnet REP, and owed DXD based on ATH price.