Jorge Lopes Contributor Proposal [18 September 2022 - 18 October 2022]

Background & Retrospective:

This will be my last worker’s proposal so I’ll use a slightly different format. I have been working in Swapr adding functionalities and additional chains.
When I started working at DXdao, although I had development experience, I had no web development experience. This impacts my ability to fully contribute to the level the DAO deems necessary. I made a huge effort to learn and have been doing so from the start. I believe my performance has been improving but understandably it is not yet at a desired level. I believe that it was possible, with time, to get it to level or even find a niche where I could contribute more but at this point it is not possible.
I believe this happened in part due to a different expectations, specifically stated above, between the DAO and myself. Open and honest communication is extremely important and I always strived to keep that as one of the virtues people saw in me while working. I believe this is one of my highlights during my tenure here, which I find unfortunate it is ending. I had hoped to learn more a contribute more to this DAO but I understand the circumstances.
I would just like to finish by expressing that I hold DXdao and its contributors in the highest esteem.

Proposed Scope of Contribution:

  • Wrap up BNB chain
  • Attend DevCon Bogota


  • Collaboration with the existing Swapr team
  • Software development

Previous coutributions:
Proposal 1
Proposal 2
Proposal 3
Proposal 4

1 month (from 18/Sep to 18/Oct)

Experience Level: 4

Time commitment: Full-time (40h/week)
$6,000 (DAI) distributed monthly
$4,000 (DXD) vested continuously after a one year cliff over the two following years
0.1667% REP + 0.3333% REP (Previous proposal was sent to DevX address)

Specifically for DXD the plan would be to transfer $1,333 after 1 year and 2,667$ vested continuously for the 2 years after, totalling a duration of 3 years.

These services are provided through DevX AG.

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