Jorge Lopes Contributor Proposal [18 July 2022 - 18 September 2022]

Background & Retrospective:

I’ve been integrated the Swapr team for a few months now and started collaborating with them to extend its functionalities, working with the EcoRouter in particular.

Positive: I have been involved in several small features, spreading from refresh quotes to work on curve pools and adding the optimism chain. At this point I am working on a few bug fixes. ETHCC Paris was also a great opportunity to gain perspective. I talked to a variety of people and gained some understanding of how the community views DXDao and what we do.
To improve: Despite my efforts to expose myself to as much of the project as possible, my lack of web development background is noticeable. It was suggested that I do a few courses and attempt to explore web dev projects. As well as improve my response time.
For the future: Although I have developer experience, it is not specific to web development. The plan for the near future is to get acquainted with the tools we are using. After javascript I intend to explore React courses. On the long term, after establishing as a productive member of the team, I’d like to learn Solidity and contribute according to the needs of the DAO.

Proposed Scope of Contribution:

  • Fix curve pools
  • Add a new network to ecoRouter - Optimism
  • Pick and fix 1/2 issues from the backlog
  • Further deepen knowledge in frontend tools as well as web3 ecosystem


  • Collaboration with the existing Swapr team
  • PR review and low-level design decision
  • Software development

Previous coutributions:
Proposal 1
Proposal 2
Proposal 3

2 month (from 18/Jul to 18/Sep)

Experience Level: 4

Time commitment: Full-time (40h/week)
$12,000 (DAI) distributed monthly
$8,000 (DXD) vested continuously after a one year cliff over the two following years
0.3333% (0.1667% REP * 2 months)

Specifically for DXD the plan would be to transfer $2,666 after 1 year and 5,334$ vested continuously for the 2 years after, totalling a duration of 3 years.

These services are provided through DevX AG.

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