Jorge Lopes Contributor Proposal [18 April 2022 - 18 May 2022]

I started the onboarding process after initial contact with Zett. Although I haven’t worked previously as a Web3 developer, I have enterprise experience as a developer for the banking industry and I’ve been an advocate for cutting edge technologies and innovation in my previous role.

Professionally, I have been involved in developing choreographed distributed systems leveraging scalable, secure, and robust solutions while adding value to the whole process. I believe my background in the financial sector will help enlighten my contributions to DXDao in general and, in particular, to the Swapr project.

Furthermore, although I was working full time as a team lead and developer, I became interested in blockchain technology and gained some experience in the crypto-sphere as a trader and a node operator. This kindled my curiosity in internet-native organizations and decentralization and I now plan to dedicate myself full time to learning more about development for Web3 and DAOs.

1 month
Starting at 18th of April

Proposed Scope of Contribution:

  • Start Eco Routing V2 Implement
  • Include More Eco Routing markets. Potential candidates include
    • Ethereum
    • Polygon
    • Terra
    • Aurora
      (pending decision for which specific Markets to include)
  • Deepen knowledge in web3 ecosystem

Collaboration with the existing Swapr team

  • Meetings: Pair Programming, Daily meeting
  • PR review and low-level design decision
  • Software development
  • Documentation Creation and Improvement

Experience Level: 4

Time commitment: Full-time (40h/week)
$3,000 (DAI) distributed monthly ($6,000 * 50%)
$2,000 (DXD) vested continuously after a one year cliff over the two following years ($4,000 * 50%)
0.0417% REP

Specifically for DXD the plan would be to transfer 666$ after 1 year and 1667$ vested continuously for the 2 years after, totalling a duration of 3 years.

Work Experience:
2 years as Consultant - Big Data Developer at Marionete
Develop distributed system that processes messages from/for different internal financial systems within HSBC
(note: the github profile doesn’t have much relevant work experience)


Jorge is a great person with a very interesting background. I look forward working with Jorge and see how he can help our backend team get even stronger. I vouch for Jorge.


I had an interesting call with Jorge, in which he was talking about the complex systems he’s has built at HSBC. I believe Jorge’s background in software architecture will improve not just Swapr, but the entire suite of DXdao’s products. I’m excited to help him onboard Swapr!

Shorting the banks and longing Web3 is a smart move!