Join Seeder Program

What is Radicle?

Radicle is a new kind of code collaboration network built on Git. While it’s peer-to-peer, local-first, and secure by design, it will also be the first open-source, community-led, self-sustaining network for software collaboration.

What is the Seeder Program?

The Seeder Program brings a core group of projects and individuals together who are committed to contributing to the long-term resilience and growth of the Radicle network. These Seeders will spearhead the Radicle vision as launch partners and play an active role in bootstrapping the decentralization of the network.

Seeders are individuals or projects interested in advancing decentralized alternatives to code collaboration infrastructure. Whether you’ve tried our beta, given us user feedback, or just believe in our vision, the Seeder Program is an easy way to get involved in what comes next.

DXdao as a Seeder

DXdao will support the launch of the Radicle Ethereum integration by contributing to the Radicle project in the following ways:

  • Maintain instances of DXdao codebases on the Radicle network and link to them on the DXdao website
  • Set up an organization on Radicle for DXdao
  • Add DXdao full time developers to the DXdao organization
  • Building a connection to the radicle ethereum contracts
  • Providing feedback on documentation for the Radicle Ethereum integration
  • Social sharing & creating content (even memes!)

The end goal of the Seeder Program is to support the progressive decentralization of the network by forming a strong “root network” of individuals and projects who are interested in contributing towards the vision of community-led decentralized code collaboration.

Not only is this an opportunity for the DXdao to cultivate a stake in the Radicle network but also results in a more open and censorship resistant distributed collective.