January 1, 2022: Going on hiatus to work on HiveCraft

For the past few months I have put my plans for HiveCraft - the new name for the MineCraft Metaverse project which I originally pitched to DXdao as DXmetaverse - on hold so I could continue contributing full time at DXdao. I originally thought I’d be able to work on HiveCraft in my free time, but I mostly haven’t, because my contributions for the DAO are consuming most of my mental capability to do productive work each week.

I received positive feedback about HiveCraft (formerly DXmetaverse) in general, however the consensus from most of the contributors I’ve talked to about it is that they don’t think it’s something which DXdao can take on at this time. DXdao has limited developer resources which are already strung thin, and the nature of HiveCraft is such that the project would be unable to best utilize DXdao’s core competency of maximizing decentralization through ENS domains, decentralized governance, etc. So based on these factors, it makes sense to me also that this is a project which should not be undertaken directly by DXdao. Instead, contributors have suggested this is something which should go through DXventures, so I plan to do that.

DXventures and HiveCraft

My plan is to only bring HiveCraft to DXventures after I have already secured funding from other sources. The reason I’m waiting to bring it through DXventures is because of the obvious conflict of interest with me as both founder of HiveCraft and a contributor at DXdao - even if the terms of funding HiveCraft received were objectively fair, the deal could still appear tainted by the conflict of interest. By waiting, DXdao will receive the same or similar terms as other participants in HiveCraft’s first round of funding.

Time is of the essence

More Metaverse projects are popping up every day, and every day that I wait to start HiveCraft is a day that HiveCraft falls further behind its numerous competitors. I was reminded how important the time factor is recently when the price of $HIVE, the native token of the Hive blockchain which HiveCraft will be based around, went up by over 2X over the past few weeks. Hive is growing rapidly, and HiveCraft can either be a part of that growth, or lose out. By starting now, HiveCraft will have the first mover advantage as the first game with First-Person Shooter (FPS) gameplay on Hive blockchain, the first Hive-based MineCraft game, and the first Hive integration with a popular mainstream game (AFAIK).

Going on hiatus as a full time Contributor

I intend to remain involved with DXdao as I start HiveCraft. I will also continue to spread the word about DXdao, the most decentralized DAO in existence, wherever and whenever I can. I will see the initiatives I have started through to completion - the Omen mascot comes to mind, and I also have a few Medium articles that I wrote but were never published for various reasons. I will finish my obligations for the remainder of my current contract period, which ends on December 31 (due to previously scheduled holiday vacation my effective last day as a full time contributor will be Friday, December 17). My #1 priority during my last couple weeks of work will be to finish the Why DAOs series.

This is a good thing for the DAO, and I’ll be back

DXdao is in need of marketing knowledge. The knowledge I will collect from my ventures during my hiatus will be invaluable to the DAO’s marketing strategy when I return to a higher time commitment. Whether I succeed with HiveCraft or fail, my ultimate plan is to eventually come back to working primarily for DXdao, whether it’s in 3 months or 3 years.

What I plan to do as a part time contributor starting January 1:

I’ve agreed to contribute a small amount very part-time while I’m on hiatus to assist the DXvoice squad. I estimate this contribution as follows:

16% - Tweet writing:

  • Each morning, I will receive from Keenan a list of any Tweets that need to be written, and I will then return Tweet drafts for each of them. I’ll leave any necessary revisions, and Tweet scheduling in TweetDeck, up to DXvoice.
  • If I have time, I will share any Tweets relevant to DXdao which I think deserve a ReTweet or quote ReTweet that I’ve come across through my Twitter monitoring. If I have time, I may also like Tweets that I come across as part of the DXdao social highlights program.

4% - Governance:

  • This includes reading the forum, voting on proposals, and generally keeping up to date on major proposals within the DAO.

This comes to a total of approximately 20% time commitment at experience level 3 for DXdao. The remainder of my time will be focused on building HiveCraft.

DXdao is more than just a job

The beauty of DXdao is that we are not working for a company. We retain our individual sovereignty and have great freedom as contributors. During our time in Lisbon especially, I came to appreciate the amazing group of people we have here at DXdao. There’s no DAO quite like this anywhere else in crypto!


Chatting with you in Lisbon and the retreat it’s super obvious you are very passionate about the metaverse so cant wait to see what you will build and the best of luck (even although I’m sad you won’t be around here so much :cry:)


Caden has been incredibly enthusiastic about the DXmetaverse, as he originally coined it, ever since he brought it to my attention. It’s clear that he cares deeply about the project.

Due to the current lack of resources surrounding DXvoice, I asked if he would comfortable with a very small time commitment primarily focusing on social media engagement throughout or even just near the beginning of his hiatus. Caden was happy to help considering the circumstances, which proves to me that he remains committed to DXdao as described in this post.

Very sad to see you go, Caden! Wishing you the best on the HiveCraft project, and hope to see you back around DXdao with a whole new repertoire of information and expertise to apply to your contributions.