It Isn't Just Time to Buidl, It's Time to Buidl Together!

The recently experienced difficulties and/or vulnerabilities caused by third party dependencies, e.g. The Graph, Alchemy and DAOtalk, that have threatened to disrupt DXdao’s work process, have faded away, but to an extent still reverberate in one form or another. DXdao’s DXbiz Squad believes that the search for robust decentralized social apps that meet the needs of the community in line with its ethos, shouldn’t be this difficult.

Nonetheless, DXdao has proven to be resilient and prescient. In the true spirit of innovation, it has already built the novel open-source voting engine DXvote and deployed it on Arbitrum, the latest releases of DXdao’s decentralized apps showcase admirable innovation in functionality and UX, and the community is growing and holding stronger than ever before.

Time is money. Everyone’s hard work has earned widespread community support, and DXdao now finds itself in the comfortable position of being able to afford to allocate resources to turn it bold visions for the future and product roadmaps into grants and bounties that can speed its growth and help it reach its goals and objectives sooner rather than later. As an investment, the more time one buys and saves this way, the more value one could be adding to one’s time in the future.

Therefore, the community should encourage submissions and incentivize researchers and developers to work on solutions, features and integrations that follow its desired path and enhance its current product offering. Offering support to developers who manage to identify and build solutions around product gaps in DeFi can not only showcase the current portfolio of dapps, but will surely positively influence the overall innovation within the whole of DeFi as well.

Through an open Bounties & Grants program for individuals and teams, the community can help advance the development of the whole space by allocating financial and human capital to much needed projects that it believes in. This can attract individuals and teams who either already are or would like to research and build key tools and infrastructure to accelerate the growth within the current product suite. The community can incubate and accelerate early-stage developments that make real progress in the DeFi ecosystem. The program can play an essential part in engaging the community to grow awareness and expand on decentralization with its many use cases. The goal is to focus on providing much needed support to those dedicating time and effort in building a more functional and accessible DeFi system.

It is also important to highlight a readiness to collaborate in a joint effort, partnering up in co-sponsored grant opportunities with other decentralized organizations with wider range of projects focusing on building open-source tech and leveraging blockchain and smart contracts as a solution to financial and social roadblocks.

  • DXdao has already initiated DXventures to assist early-stage projects that solve key challenges by building open-source blockchain-enabled software, and eventually become an incubator/venture builder in the crypto space.
  • It has also shared on its public forum a guidance on the partnership proposal process.

To put an accent on accelerating these initiatives, now is the time for a joint internal & external effort to provide a comprehensive list of awesome Grants & Bounties! :rocket:
The community should unite over a list of forward-thinking product ideas and enhancements it believes the expansion effort should target.
DXdao will then be able to review and back the best innovation challenges either directly or through hackathons.

Please, don’t shy away and do comment and share your ideas. You hold the potential to plant the seeds of something awesome! :seedling:

You are welcome to share any idea you believe is important for the future of DXdao and DeFi and you’d like to see brought to fruition as a priority.
You can also directly ask for a bounty/grant to work on developing an idea that you or someone else has already highlighted as important to the community, and eventually either join the dao as a community member or apply to DXventures’ decentralized accelerator and get incubated as your own mini dao.

What would you like to see getting built? :eyes:

Enter :door:


All ideas and feedback are welcome as they help us grow, so everyone should feel free to reach out and comment.

If for some reason one prefers to remain anonymous, one can share their feedback and ideas in this document, which will be reviewed at least once a week. If you’re not a full-time contributor and you share your name, there is a chance it may also lead to a future REP boost if your idea happens to catch on.

The doc should serve as a preliminary brainstorming list of bounties, product and venture ideas, that should spark further discussions and hopefully lead to reaching consensus around moving forward with them officially.

Once an idea from the preliminary list piques the interest of the contributor community and it has been decided /through a signal proposal/ to promote it, it will be officially listed on a bounty board in the documentation book to be found within the redesigned landing page, and further popularized through social media channels: Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Medium…

While the documentation book, as the ideal place for decentralized storage and sharing of the official promoted bounties list, is still taking shape, such may temporarily make it on a Trello board.