Invitation 馃拰 Token Engineering Commons

:love_letter: You are warmly invited to join the TEC virtual meetup tomorrow, September 24 9 PST / 12EST / 6CET

To路ken En路gi路neer路ing /藞t艒k蓹n/ /enj蓹藞niriNG/

  1. An emerging engineering discipline focused on holistic systems design and the theory, practice and tools used to design and verify tokenized ecosystems i.e. cyptoeconomic systems and their simulation using tools like cadCAD.

  2. A discipline of responsibility; adhering to the highest principles of ethical conduct (from ethical engineering )

  3. A community pushing forward the field of token engineering in theory and practice. (See more Modeling Crypto Protocols as Complex Systems , TE Process )


  1. Resources that groups of people (communities, organizations) create and manage for individual and collective benefit. These resources are held collectively, not owned privately (see Fractal Ownership , Wiki and Automating Ostrom )

The build of the Token Engineering Commons is well underway!
The initiative was catalyzed by members of several communities including CommonsStack, TokenEngineering, Block Science, cadCAD and has friendly ties to several other DAO ecosystem builders.

The TEC has:

:scroll:Established a vision & mission
:moneybag:Has a rewards process for contributors
:ballot_box:Implemented a governance process
:gear:Kicked off working groups

Discover more and join the community - we look forward to seeing you soon and exploring collaboration opportunities! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions @jessicazartler