Invitation - DAO Hack Month

Howdy DAOers!

We recently announced the first DAO hackathon - Fork The World
Symbolically, it was announced on the day of The DAO’ hack and it starts on the day the Ethereum network forked following the DAO debacle (July 20th).

Since, we joined forces with Aragon’ Hack for Freedom hackathon under the DAO Hack Month umbrella :slight_smile:
DAO Hack Month is a push towards building, using & promoting tools for decentralized organizing.

So, there will be workshops and people will be hacking on anything from tool interface designs, to actual tools, to educational content.
By the end of the event, a bunch of people will have, hopefully, launched their own DAOs! :confetti_ball:

Find out more here
Also happy to answer any questions here.
Looking forward to seeing you around :upside_down_face: