Introduction to - ENS-IPFS Gateway

Hello DXdao community!
I’m a founder of and wanted to formally introduce our project. (
The team consists of two brothers, US based.

LIMO is an ENS enabled IPFS gateway with a strong focus on user privacy and security. LIMO represents a shift in dweb adoption by providing an alternative means of accessing ENS resolvable domains. Prior to LIMO, Cloudflare’s service was the only public service for bridging web2 and web3. LIMO takes public gateway services a step further by enforcing strong privacy guarantees such as never logging IP addresses or engaging in TCP fingerprinting.

The spirit and ethos of decentralization have ironically been compromised by relying upon a single corporate entity (Cloudflare) to provide critical transitional infrastructure from web2 to web3. In addition to the threats posed by centralization, there is no accountability or public influence when it comes to governing the service.

We believe in the creation and operation of alternative truly decentralized public ENS/IPFS gateways with strong community oversight and a DAO run governance, facilitating transitional web2/web3 infrastructure with robust and feature-rich deployment and testing capabilities.

We’re trying to grow our community and find contributors to help us manifest this vision.

I’d like to give a shout out to Neiman at Esteroids, he’s been very helpful and has always had an open ear for my ramblings :slight_smile: