Introducing the DXdao Social Highlights Program 🎉


@KeenanL and I noticed that DXdao community members and contributors have been making some great Tweets lately! Many of these Tweets are relevant to the DXdao community, and some are about DXdao’s products. So, Keenan and I worked to come up with a highlight program to encourage, recognize, and share these kinds of Tweets.

Background: The power of Tweets for marketing and amplifying the voices of the many

The impact Tweets can have on marketing for a company or organization is immense. When you think of Tesla, you probably think of one man: Elon Musk. Musk’s personal brand and influence has been a major driver of success for Tesla, and he often Tweets about Tesla in a way that gets huge engagement and influences many to buy Teslas.

The linkage of this one man to Tesla’s brand is not without its downside, however: Tesla’s stock price can go down when he does or says something controversial, and many Bitcoiners have sworn off buying Teslas because of his flip-flopping on accepting Bitcoin payments.

Instead of having one brand spokesperson, in keeping with DXdao’s values, the DXdao Social Highlights Program will aim to equally amplify all contributors and community members who make relevant Tweets about DXdao and its products (just Twitter to start with). This will harness the power of Twitter marketing without falling prey to centralization!

Goals of the Social Highlights Program

  • Increase awareness of DXdao and its products, and encourage greater quantity and quality of Tweets about them

  • Showcase, “show, don’t tell”, the decentralized nature of leadership and decision-making at DXdao, which may lead people to ask, “How do I join?”

  • Highlight contributors and over time, open doors for BizDev, relationship building, and partnerships/collaborations with other crypto projects for these contributors to conduct

  • Capitalize on the advantages personal Twitter accounts have over org.s/companies, such as the fact that people are more likely to share a Tweet if it’s from a person

What Tweets will be highlighted, and how?

  • A Discord channel, :sparkles:│social-highlights, has been created within the DXdao Discord server. Community members, including DXdao contributors, should submit entries here that will then be discussed by active DXvoice members before being executed. Submitting your own Tweet is not only allowed but encouraged! DXvoice members will determine the level of highlight that should be granted (if any), ensuring alignment with DXdao’s overall social media strategy. The highlight will then be enacted through either DXdao’s Twitter account or through the relevant Product’s account, I.E., Omen or Swapr’s Twitter.

  • Level 1 Highlights (likes) may also be granted by active social focused DXvoice members without the need for a Discord channel submission

  • The primary criteria for determining which Tweets should be highlighted and at what level will be the relevancy of the Tweet to the DXdao community and quality of the Tweet. Another less important factor will be to what extent Tweets from the Twitter account have already recently been highlighted: Accounts which have already had a lot of Tweets highlighted may be less likely to have more highlighted at a high level within a short period of time compared to equivalent Tweets from accounts which have rarely or never been highlighted.

The 3 Levels of highlighting:

  • Level 1: Level 1 Tweets will receive a like from the DXdao Twitter account. Any Tweet which is relevant to the community can qualify, and doesn’t need to be directly related to DXdao or its products. A like increases the reach of the Tweet to DXdao’s followers, but less than a reply or ReTweet. The majority of highlights will fall under level 1.
  • Level 2: A reply from DXdao Twitter, or the relevant product’s Twitter. To qualify for this level of highlight, the Tweet must reach a higher standard of relevancy, and there must be a suitable reply.
  • Level 3: A Retweet or Quote Retweet from DXdao or the relevant product’s Twitter. These highlights will be rare, because they must meet the highest standard of relevancy, and must also fit into the type and schedule of content that’s aligned with DXdao’s social media strategy.
  • Note: Any Tweet which receives a level 2 or level 3 highlight will also receive a like.

DOs and DON’Ts for writing the best Highlighted Tweets:

  • Tag the relevant DXdao-owned Twitter handle such as @DXdao_, @SwaprETH, @Omen_Eth

  • Link to the relevant DXdao product’s website (when applicable)

  • Mention use cases for the DXdao product, or advantages it has over competitors, when applicable

  • Follow DXdao’s Standards of Conduct

  • Use your own voice, and write the Tweet from your own perspective


  • Disparage or denigrate a person

  • Discuss advantages of DXdao’s competitors

  • Claim to speak for all of DXdao, or write from DXdao’s perspective

New section for the Month in Review article

Starting September 2021, DXvoice will keep track of Tweets that are highlighted at Level 2 or Level 3. At the end of each month, we’ll write a “Social media highlights” section for the Month in Review article that will share some of the highlighted Tweets and recognize the most-highlighted community members.

Future opportunities

There are many potential opportunities to expand this program in the future, such as by providing rewards - either NFTs or crypto prizes - for Level 2+ highlighted Tweets from community members. Providing rewards only to highlighted Tweets would solve the issue discussed with incentivized Tweets that they attract low-quality Tweets.

Next Step

Go to the new :sparkles:│social-highlights Discord channel, and start submitting your Tweets for highlighting! If you haven’t already, you can join the DXdao Discord.

Here are the official DXdao Twitter accounts for reference:


This initiative has many upsides, and will create network effects for DXdao’s current and future products. Nice work @Caden and @KeenanL