Introducing the Common Good app

Introducing the work on the Common Good app. More details inside and welcoming anyone to comment or collaborate on this.


Hi Matan! I read that Medium article before I found this forum. So I am honored to meet you. Some people and me are working to create something similar on a certain social issue. Basically it will empower creators to share the stories of people who are disadvantaged. We think that these voices need to be amplified. The DAO would serve to raise capital and also to vote on what is funded. Would it be possible to chat with you so we can get some pointers?

I’m interested in this project and would love to learn more about where things are currently and how (and if) I can leverage my skills to assist. I work in business development, marketing, and content creation but have a varied skill set - I thrive in startup environments.

Please get in touch if you’re open to chat!