Introducing Peter the Prediction Squirrel: Omen’s New Proposed Mascot!

Placeholder image, will be replaced once the real Peter is graphically designed. Peter will remain in space to stay in keeping with the new Omen space branding, per @KeenanL’s feedback, and incorporate Omen branding in the image. Peter will be copy-pastable into other graphics for use on the Omen website providing tips, in Medium articles, and more!

How a brand mascot will help Omen
Omen’s brand is lacking, with little to differentiate Omen from other prediction market competitors. Omen’s superior tech stack counts for little, because Omen is not memorable. Brand mascots are a great way to engage customers and make a brand memorable. Take the Geico Gecko as an example: Before the Geico Gecko, the prevailing thought was that companies in certain industries like tech and insurance had to be serious, and couldn’t have fun mascots, but of course Geico proved them wrong. The Geico Gecko and its associated marketing propelled Geico from being a boring, little-known insurance agency to the insurance giant it is today!

Traditional companies aren’t the only ones to benefit from brand mascots - DeFi lending protocol UniLend Finance has Bodhin the DeFi Space Monk. Bodhin the DeFi Space Monk helps UniLend differentiate itself from all of the other lending protocols, and is included in graphics in many of UniLend’s Medium articles, furthering UniLend’s brand. Omen has an opportunity to greatly improve the Omen brand with a new mascot, Peter the Prediction Squirrel. Peter will do for Omen what the Gecko did for Geico, allowing Omen to claim its rightful place as the leading prediction market platform!

Why a Squirrel?
I know what you’re probably thinking - “I get it, a mascot would help the brand, but why a squirrel?”
I examined many possible mascots when I was brainstorming, from cats to dogs to groundhogs, but I settled on a squirrel for many reasons. Here are a few:

  • A Space Squirrel is fun, silly, and weird. These are all good qualities - fun is good because people like things that are fun, and so they will also like Omen more. Silly is good because it makes it more memorable than something serious - we like to think about things that make us laugh. Weird is good because it draws attention to the brand and may even generate free press. Think about this - how many celebrities do you think are average, normal people? Hardly any of them, because to become a celebrity, being weird is a big plus for free press and more people talking about you. Weird = Interesting. Same goes for Omen Squirrel.
  • A squirrel is unique: There is no other crypto product, or any major brand whatsoever, with a squirrel mascot. Let alone a space squirrel! This makes Omen’s Squirrel that much more memorable to users who visit the site
  • Squirrels are well-recognized and commonly seen. How often do you see squirrels in your backyard, in the trees, or even in the city? For most of us, this is quite often, as they’re quite of a common animal. With Omen Squirrel, every time an Omen user sees a squirrel, they will think of Omen, and be naturally reminded to check back on the website. We’ll be gaining an entire guerilla marketing army of more than 2 billion squirrels worldwide!
  • A squirrel makes sense: Squirrels gather up acorns which they store in the ground, some of which later grow into trees. Similarly, Omen bettors gather up information to plant a seed which they hope will sprout into a big win. “Peter the Prediction Squirrel gathers up nuggets of knowledge on the web which he stores in Omen, just like he used to gather and store acorns.”

Introducing Peter the Prediction Squirrel! FIRST DRAFT of backstory
Note: this is only the first draft, and will be substantially revised as I work with other Contributors, including a branding expert, to further refine and develop Peter. Everything here is subject to change, even Peter’s name - another suggestion has been to instead call Peter simply “Omen Squirrel”.

Peter was born as a grey squirrel in a forest near a small, quiet town. Growing up, Peter could never understand why his squirrel parents were content with living such a boring life. Day after day, Peter watched his parents gathering and storing acorns, with only the occasional game of tag to break the monotony. Peter was bored as he followed his parents around gathering acorns from the same trees, day after day, and he yearned for something more.

As Peter grew bored, he started to study the workings of the forest. He watched the birds during the day, looking to see when they came and went, and he learned the calls they made when a predator was coming. At night, Peter would stay up late to watch the owls. After watching for a while, he was able to predict when an owl would catch a mouse it was chasing, or when the mouse would escape. Many times when he was supposed to be gathering acorns, Peter’s parents caught him sniffing the air and looking at the sky. Peter tried to explain that he was doing this to see what the weather would be like later, but they only rolled their eyes.

Peter shared his excitement about what he was learning with any squirrel who would listen. Peter couldn’t explain how he did it, but he developed a reputation around the forest for his ability to predict when a storm was coming, sometimes even days in advance!

Once during the middle of the day, during a thunderstorm, Peter ventured out of the thunder-shaken forest to explore the town. As he climbed up a tree, he looked into the open window of a nearby house and saw a glowing screen. He was intrigued, so he hopped up on the window sill. He saw a lot of small lines, but he couldn’t make out much more. Boldly, Peter mustered his courage and jumped onto the desk to have a closer look at the screen. As he looked closer, there was one thing which stuck out to him: a blue-white circle.

Before Peter could think about what this meant, his contemplation was rudely interrupted by a shout from behind. Peter turned around to see a long-haired man holding a plate of food and yelling at him, and he jumped in terror! But before Peter could run away, a sudden, loud BOOM was heard and a flash of lightning came down, striking the very room of the house Peter and the man were in! The energy from the lightning was disbursed by the walls around them, and the only thing struck was Peter’s tail, which was hanging slightly out the window.

Remarkably, instead of being hurt by the lightning, Peter instead felt a warm energy about him. His vision had changed, becoming clearer. Even more astonishing, Peter could now understand what the man was saying. “OUT!, OUT!,” Peter heard the man yell. But because of the warm energy that the lightning had bestowed upon him, Peter was no longer afraid. Channeling a voice he didn’t know he had, Peter replied, “But sir…” The man’s eyes opened wide, and his jaw dropped, leaving him speechless. “…I was just intrigued by the full-moon-shaped symbol on your computer,” Peter continued.

After spending a full minute staring at Peter in disbelief, the man shook himself, and replied “Ok, sorry for yelling. That symbol is for DXdao, a decentralized autonomous organization. The other space-looking symbol is for Omen, which is a prediction market.”

Through the powers of the mysterious energy that cloaked him, Peter was able to understand even what most humans are baffled by, and he replied, “A prediction market? I love predicting things!”

The man, despite questioning his sanity, sat down and explained how Omen works to Peter, and Peter explained his joy of predicting what was going to happen in the forest. The man also explained that Omen was looking for a mascot to represent the brand, and that Peter might be a good fit, but he’d have to go into space. Peter couldn’t be happier to leave his boring forest behind, so he agreed.

Peter’s new proposed role at Omen
Peter will take some time to adapt to his new life in space, but he’s already excited to be doing what he loves: Making predictions and helping others do the same! Peter is learning how Omen works fast, and he plans to offer a variety of tips to help new users on Omen’s website. Peter will be an ever-present guide to Omen and a brand representative. He’ll use Twitter to share tips, as well as the predictions he gleans from Omen’s crowdsourced knowledge. Peter even buried a few surprise acorns which he’ll dig up when the time comes. In his free time, Peter the Prediction Squirrel gathers up nuggets of knowledge on the web which he stores in Omen, just like he used to gather and store acorns.

Next Steps
This morning, I met with @geronimo @Tammy and @KeenanL to discuss this proposal, and we determined that the next step towards making Peter the Prediction Squirrel a reality is passing a signal proposal. I will create such a proposal on xDai in a couple days so this post has a chance to gather feedback. If this signal proposal passes, I will then be able to work with all of Omen’s stakeholders, who will all get a say in how Omen’s mascot turns out, as well as take into account feedback from the community. I will also hopefully get to work with a professional branding expert, as @Tammy suggested. Tammy also mentioned an opportunity for Peter to possibly be included as an Easter egg in the upcoming Omen video.

Thoughts, comments, or feedback? I’d like to hear them :arrow_down:


Aahahah I love it! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

More comments: I like the squirrel idea, especially with that face expression! I am not 100% sure on the “space” aspect. Would be interesting to explore other scenarios maybe.

Regarding the propose picture: [this applies to other possible variants] I think it has too many details. My attention focused on the shoes, on those red things, on the planet behind, etc. I believe the image should be simplified somewhat. Too many details can be detrimental to the message.

Simple(r) image (squirrel + space) → easy to modify → people will make memes.


I’m glad you like it! The image in my post is just a placeholder image from DuckDuckGo, the real Peter hasn’t been designed yet, and I agree that it should be a simpler design :slight_smile:


I literally lol’d at the backstory. . .

Peter the Prediction Squirrel and his 2 billion strong guerilla marketing army has my vote.


Awesome! Signal proposal is live: Alchemy | DAOstack

@Caden Great initiative! I like all the points you made and mascot can definitely help us differentiate and stand out. But only section I didn’t agree with was the ‘Why a Squirrel?’. I’m not sure apart from it being silly and funny It relates to the prediction markets or the product. This metaphor made doesn’t ring a bell to me and seems kinda reaching just to fit with the squirrel narrative we chose.

  • A squirrel makes sense: Squirrels gather up acorns which they store in the ground, some of which later grow into trees. Similarly, Omen bettors gather up information to plant a seed which they hope will sprout into a big win. “Peter the Prediction Squirrel gathers up nuggets of knowledge on the web which he stores in Omen, just like he used to gather and store acorns.”

Keeping Omen name in mind and prediction markets Im not 100% convinced space squirrel relates to it entirely although it is fun and memorable :smiley:

One more note I think in world where people have attention span shorter than that of a squirrels in question, I would suggest we distill story to its most important parts. Or maybe have one video where whole story is made and have shorter version in text.

Im not saying Im against the squirrel but not sure I see why squirrel relates to prediction markets and just trying to stimulate discussion if maybe some other animal or thing that relates more to predictions makes sense, and kinda more organically fits with the product.


I like the squirrel - reminds me of the viral “Compare the Meerkat” ad campaign in the UK.


Rodents and finance are a mismatch imo. Also this feels like a rehash of Sandy from SpongeBob or something but male and not a cartoon.

When I think of the word Omen I’m reminded of ancient Greek and Roman religion where seers and augurs observed the flight patterns of birds to try and predict the future. What about a raven or something cool like that?


I am open to experimenting with mascots for DXdao’s products. I agree they can make products more memorable.

This specific mascot is quite unique, and is either a really good idea or a really bad idea. Only one way to find out.


A dark mystic one eyed raven vs. a hapless energetic space squirrel . . . those are very different directions . . . any reason we shouldn’t do both?




It’s “three eyed raven” isn’t it . . . . whoops


Ok i didnt know how two mascots could work but if they were interwoven into memes like this im game

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A space squirrel’s spaceship burning as a meteorite through the Earth’s atmosphere, only to be reborn from the ashes as a phoenix into the oracle of Omen.

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I was thinking about this, about how two totally different mascots could work, and I came up with this:
The space squirrel is the fun B2C-focused mascot, and the oracle raven is the serious B2B-focused mascot. This would make sense since the B2C mascot should be lighthearted and fun, but for B2B it makes sense to have something more serious.

Depending on the message and place, either the space squirrel or the oracle raven will be used to deliver it. For example, the space squirrel will convey a banner message on Omen’s website instructing first-time users on how to place a bet, and how bridging to xDai works. But the oracle raven will convey messages about how to integrate Omen, how to access Omen’s API, and the technicalities of liquidity provision.

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Caden, you have done a fantastic job with writing an engaging backstory for a potential Omen mascot.

Given time to digest all the posts here, I agree with the point raised regarding the viability of a squirrel as a mascot for Omen. While it is unique, I am having trouble picturing how this will be pulled off so it is in line with the general crypto users’ expectations.

My primary concern is that this design gets to a point where it’s too late to pull out and go in a different direction. I agree with @cure0000 that a raven (or similar) would be more fitting to Omen branding.

I look forward to seeing this progress as it’s clear that you have quite an imagination. I would like work on a mascot to progress, so I didn’t vote ‘no’ on the signal proposal. I think there needs to be more discussion before going straight for a squirrel, though. Perhaps a poll would be useful.


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Thanks for voting, the proposal for Peter the Prediction Squirrel has passed on-chain with 6 votes in favor and 0 votes against!

It seems we’ve reached consensus that Omen should have a mascot, but I’m hearing the feedback from people questioning whether a space squirrel is the best choice. I think it’s important to achieve as much buy-in to the chosen mascot as possible, since the mascot is the voice of the brand.

To that end, I’ll hold off on making Peter official, and I made a poll as @kobello requested. If Peter the Prediction Squirrel wins after 7 days, then I will continue to work on it in keeping with the on-chain proposal. Keep in mind, having Peter as the B2C-focused mascot doesn’t preclude Omen from later adding the Oracle Raven as a B2B-focused mascot as discussed. (That would require another on-chain signal proposal). If “Oracle Raven” or “Something Else” wins this poll, then I’ll go back to the drawing board.

There’s never going to be a mascot that everyone is 100% happy with, but I’d like to find the best one so I’m always open to alternatives.

Which mascot should Omen pursue first?
  • Peter the Prediction Squirrel
  • Oracle Raven
  • Something Else

0 voters

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I would suggest alliteration is suited to ‘Omen’ and not '‘prediction’.
e.g. Olly the Omen Otter. Or Oggy the Omen Octopus. … Olivia … Orangutan… etc
But whatever. Peter & Squirrel are fine.

You may wish to run the English word ‘squirrel’ past a few ESL speakers from around the globe to see how they handle saying it.
(An asian speaker in my home struggles to say it (in English) - however that may just be them)

re: backstory & Refer to the Compare the Meerkat post from fluidDrop.
This sample works because there is no elaborate backstory. Its a play on words, cute and there is no need to think or embrace complexity. It also doesn’t take itself seriously.
Suggestion: Keep it simple. Perhaps: in a world of “2 billion squirrels” they all need a place to take a punt, and Peter’s got you sorted over at Omen.
The more you attempt to write up the greater the potential restriction that becomes. Let the memes come to you. Also don’t commit too much in case those memes (or whatever has been overlooked) forces a change (e.g. nonce finance) and perhaps stifles progress in the meantime.


Comic books use alliteration, e.g. Peter Parker, Clark Kent…
A meme could be people hearing about and being worried about a predator /alien vs predator/ coming from space, but it turns out to be Peter the Predictor. :smiley:
Peter the predictor can be the Oracle of Omen /Warren Buffer is the ‘Oracle of Omaha’/.
And, he also happens to be a thquirrel. /big teeth/ :smiley:
In general, people remember images easier than words, so I’m fine with anything.

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With only 11 votes, there was a narrow plurality in favor of Oracle Raven vs. Peter the Prediction Squirrel (5 vs. 4). This means I will go back to the drawing board as I promised.

I’ll be exploring a few options to gather ideas and build consensus around what’s the best mascot for Omen. Here are some ideas:

  • Mascot idea competition: similar format to the Omen market ideas competition, except only one winner.
  • Discord emojis voting: This would be useful to get broader feedback about what the best mascot is. The final mascot would still be voted on on-chain of course. This could be done in combination with a Twitter poll.
  • On-chain vote between top 2 mascots: Peter the Prediction Squirrel has already passed in an on-chain proposal, but as I mentioned in a previous post I agreed to hold off on development because of the critical feedback I received about having a Squirrel mascot in particular. I want to get the whole community behind the mascot. Ideally, we’ll continue discussions which culminate in reaching consensus on a mascot that has vast majority support. Once this consensus is reached, or as close to it as possible, a vote between the top 2 most-supported mascots can determine the final mascot.