Introducing myself, Boris Mann

Hi all!

I like @AdrienDLT’s intro so I will follow the pattern.

I was at the DAOstack introduction in summer of 2018 in Berlin at a Token Engineering meetup at Full Node.

I joined GenDAO near the beginning, but then forgot about it since nothing sends email notifications.

I met @eric.arsenault on the plane from Vancouver who made me excited about DAOs again.


I have spent the past year and half deep in the Ethereum community with EthMagicians and CoreDev community work.

I am building FISSION, a company creating a serverless framework that uses decentralized web tech to create great developer experiences that make creating and deploying apps faster.

I have a long 15+ year history with open source, and am working on once again educating and radicalizing people about the creation, promotion, and support of open source software. I am expanding my thinking to include open data and how it might be locked open and not trapped in tech platforms.


Move away from Disqus centralized commenting service from proposals and integrate Discourse forum (like DAOTalk) user accounts and comment threads.



I love your initial proposal as it was something we were discussing a while back but never implemented!

Welcome Boris.

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