Introducing DXdocs V1.0, DXdao’s native documentation resource

One of the most common comments from the DXdao community includes a lack of comprehensive and organized documentation. DXdao is a fast moving and complex organization, where information is regularly superseded and new ideas are introduced regularly. This need was initially identified some time ago, and has been fleshed out ever since.

Since the initial post, a formal name and path for this resource has been made: DXdocs! This post describes DXdocs V1.0, which is live now on DXdocs.eth! :partying_face:

What is DXdocs?

DXdocs is a documentation resource designed as an easy to share location for information, tutorials, and any other content we want to keep track of. This is the preferred method for storing and displaying dynamic information that is updated on a regular basis while maintaining currency and accessibility. It is also built using Just the Docs, allowing us to host it in a decentralized nature through an IPFS hash on ENS.

In this initial release, a large amount of relevant DXdao information has been translated. This includes dedicated pages for each of our products, meeting schedules, branding assets, codebase, and more. This also includes informational text such as explanations of our Governance, FAQ, Manifesto, etc…

Important to note from the initial post:

To me, the book will not be “Complete” until DXdao contributors make 3-6 months of additions and modifications. Even then, this documentation book is designed to be a living representation of DXdao - where we can share information with developers, community members, and everyone in between. As a result, it may never be “complete”, but rather evolve alongside our organization.

Also from the initial post:

Here’s a snapshot of the beginnings of DXdocs.

Where can I access DXdocs?

As of 2021/07/09, DXdao is the proud owner of the DXdocs.eth domain, as seen in this transaction. So to answer the question, DXdocs is ready and accessible NOW, just head over to!

Some of you may be curious why the docs.eth domain wasn’t utilized for DXdocs. DXdocs.eth is presently the more obvious domain for what you are accessing; the DXdocs product. How DXdocs can integrate into the docs.eth domain leads to the next topic…

Looking forward

Regarding DXdocs, the content currently present is not finalized. You may find a handful of areas that are rough around the edges. This is fine! We wanted to get DXdocs online ASAP since the importance of access to information outweighs waiting for perfection.

As contributors and community members begin to use DXdocs, I expect to improve it in three major areas:

  • Information - We should work together to ensure content is consistently accurate and present.
  • Prioritization - How can we prioritize our content to make navigating our information simple?
  • Presentation - What can we do visually to make the flow of content digestible and maybe even fun? (Dark mode coming soon, sorry @sky).

As for the docs.eth domain, there are early talks of potentially creating a decentralized documentation source. Imagine a decentralized solution where projects can permissionlessly host their documentation on the lucrative docs.eth domain. This would result in the translation of the DXdocs.eth domain to docs.eth/dxdao, and product subcategories to their own respective pages (Eg. docs.eth/omen). On the domain level, this translation is likely to occur regardless of a desire to pursue such a project.

I see something incorrect or empty, what can I do?

Fantastic! There are a few ways to help with the updating and additions process.

Non-technical option:

  • Open an issue on GitHub - If you haven’t used GitHub before, don’t worry! All you have to do is click the “New Issue” button in the dxDaoBlog repository. Once in, simply put a title and describe what you’d like changed as clearly as possible. This will help with keeping track of content to change/add and creating releases. It may be worth checking if your problem hasn’t already been described in a separate issue.
  • Message the changes to @KeenanL - Keenan has been dealing with much of the formatting and implementation, and would be more than happy to control and implement any changes you might notice.

Technical option:

  • Create a PR - If you know what you are doing, make the changes to DXdocs locally and push them to a PR. Bonus points for making an issue first! If you need help setting up DXdocs locally, feel free to contact @KeenanL.


Thanks for reading this far! If you aren’t already, join the recently renamed #DXdocs channel in the DXdao Keybase to keep up to date with updates or share feedback. This post will simmer on the forum for a few days to ensure there are no critical issues, before being pushed to the wider community through social channels.

Get out there are use DXdocs! :blush:


Awesome stuff @KeenanL! Excited to see this initiative come to life.

It will be great for the community to actively submit changes/suggestions to keep this informative and up-to-date.


Really excited to see DXdocs come to life. I’ve already mentioned it twice today to send as a reference on what DXdao is and how it operates. Thanks for all of your work on this @KeenanL As @Powers said, seriously awesome stuff.


This is awesome. Overnight, DXdocs now becomes THE MAIN resource for all things DXdao. As @Tammy mentions, instead of explaining all the things DXdao is doing, we now have a place to send people that can show all the interesting initiatives in one place.

I wish we could learn about traffic that visits DXdoc, where it comes from and where it goes.

Great work @KeenanL and @Violet !!!