Introducing DXdao Community REP Boosts

Introducing DXdao Community REP Boosts:

Recognizing Community Members’ Contributions to DXdao

This post outlines a new idea around REP Boosts, a program designed to benefit from doubling down on a positive reinforcement culture within the DXdao community.

For some background, this week was supposed to be the week of Burning Man - for those who have been, you will be highly aware of the 10 Principles of Burning Man. While one could argue that it would be ideal to incorporate all ten principles, we can think of REP Boosts originating from a mix of a few of the principles that I believe benefit our community:

Radical Inclusion - We welcome and respect the stranger. No prerequisites exist for participation in our community.

Communal Effort - Our community values creative cooperation and collaboration.

Participation - Our community is committed to a radically participatory ethic.

Immediacy - Immediate experience is, in many ways, the most important touchstone of value in our culture.

Black Rock City is a special place where I have seen these principles come together in action, and it’s spectacular - it flips the norms of a community and seems to improve all aspects, driving creativity, communication and coordination. The actors in this community end up benefiting together in many ways.

These ideas are not new to DXdao. I believe that many of us are attracted to DXdao because many of these principles are built into our community. DXdao has many community members who have contributed greatly and have an under-represented voice. Empowering these members with a larger on-chain voice will benefit our community.

The goal of REP Boosts is to periodically recognize these selfless contributors to DXdao.

How will this work?

Through a new method of rewarding REP instead of requesting REP. There have been past discussions about “pushing” REP to contributors versus the traditional DAO process of people having to “request” REP. We have community members that have wanted to acknowledge and reward contributors but haven’t really had the mechanisms or norms in place to do so easily.

REP Boosts open a culture where people are more excited to give REP than to receive REP.

We thought it would be good to put structure around this idea so that it can be discussed, refined, implemented and used by the DXdao community.

How does this program benefit DXdao:

  1. Pushes forward DXdao’s goal to further decentralize the control of REP
  2. Gives a larger voice to newer, important members of the DXdao ecosystem (who may have no REP or small amounts)
  3. Acts as a tool to draw in and more easily “absorb” valuable people into DXdao community
  4. Sets an example - Leads to less active members becoming more active
  5. Builds a stronger, aligned community

REP Boost Program General Guidelines (not hard rules):

  1. Boost amounts are typically in the 0.1%-0.2% range
  2. Anyone can nominate another person - you are welcome to do it publicly or you could shoot a name over to me and I can post it in the forum like - “Arailse Mesabo Domen has been nominated for a REP Boost of 0.X% REP)” [there is a little trust involved here]
  3. Proposal is created by someone who is not the receiver [all that is needed is to identify the correct wallet address of the nominee]

When should REP Boosts occur:
One thought would be to have this program on a monthly or quarterly basis.

After thinking more about the goals of this program, it may make more sense to leave it fully open. At any time, one member of the community can nominate another member of the community for a “REP Boost”.

Unless others feel differently, I don’t see a need to put the idea of this program up for proposal. Each vote will be an individual proposal.

Kicking off REP Boosts:
What better way to kick off DXdao REP Boosts than by doing some REP Boosts!
We have started to gather a list of nominees from people.
If you have any other nominations, please feel free to post here in the forum publicly, or send over to me directly, or to someone that can relay it to me.
Goal is to have an initial list in the next few days.

Also, please also comment on your feelings about this program. Thanks.


Kicking off REP Boosts:
What better way to kick off DXdao REP Boosts than by the community requesting some REP Boosts!

The community has already nominated a list of people:

Matt F - for his long history of relentless efforts to connect DXdao with key partners and help DXdao realize the benefit of Layer 2 (0.3% REP)

Nylon - for his continual contributions around DXdao and DAOstack governance (0.2% REP)

Bucket - for his deep, hard working community management (0.2% REP)

Chris “The Lawyer” - for continual advice and making sure our growing Telegram community wins with DXdao (0.2%)

Chen - for his Mesa expertise and bridge building with Gnosis (0.2% REP)

Thibauld - for his creation of and knowledge around a tool that has opened the opportunity door for DXdao (0.1% REP)

CL - For being a key representative of DXD holders to DXdao (0.2% REP)

Delphi - For the report and awareness they have created around DXdao (0.1% REP)

Any other nominations, please feel free to post here, or send to me.


There have been some more incoming community contributor suggestions:

Brent - For his active engagement with the Omen community (0.2% REP)

Decentroyy - For creating an Omen Twitter bot and contributions to Omen Discord channel (0.1% REP)

Alama - For past strongly opinionated passion and community for Omen (0.05% REP)

Zett - For his awesome design contributions (0.1% REP)


Id like to propose that we bump @CLCL allocation to .2% given the excellent analysis here Analysis on treasury spending, bonding curve + impacts on DXD secondary market


Thanks! I appreciate it.


Thanks guys! I appreciate it too :pray:


:pray:t2: big thanks. finally in the rep-gang


Thank you so much for the nomination!


thank you thank you :smiley:


I think this is highly important.
I think the way described here is messy (Sky more or less randomly making numbers up)
But IMO perfect should not be the enemy of good.

It is a matter of fact that dxDAO has seen a big influx in activity of various people over the last 6 month. However - the actual power (reputation distribution) is still largely dependent on the participation in the initial distribution event 1.5 years ago.

It was always intended that this is just a starting point and reputation distribution is connected to activity and not a one time event in the past.

Maybe to make this process a little bit more predictable the dxDAO might introduce a rule like:
give every month 20,000 reputation (~2%) to the top x contributors of that month.


The current and newly proposed worker guidelines call for .16% REP to be distributed per one month of full time contribution. I think with the number of people working, this roughly lines up with your proposal of 2% in total, and with some growth will soon exceed this.

As I see it, REP Boosts is more of an idea to fill the gaps and make sure those who don’t ask for recognition themselves are appreciated. The lists here is rather long because it’s been many months without something like this but I expect the amount given out this way in the future to be relatively small compared to the more structured REP distributions.


It would be good to produce a quarterly “REP Report” on REP issuance activity.

I think we need to be systematic about REP issuance but it may be hard to automate completely in the early stages. We should benchmark ourselves against our goals.

I find it difficult to look at the REP makeup, since it’s not represented on Etherscan. Alchemy has the full list, but it would be good to get convenient issuance data on this.

@nylon was doing some REP mapping, maybe we could build on that so we can track REP issuance and inflation?


I agree that the process and method can be improved. For this first experiment, we took into account input from an array of community members.

Though the allocations for these REP Boosts may seem “random”, they are based on a number of very important factors… to list a few:

  • Length of timing contributing
  • Type of contributions
  • Value brought to DXdao
  • Amount necessary to feel an actual contributing voice
  • Amount of contributor’s current REP holdings
  • Comparisons relative to full-time contributor allocations
  • Comparisons relative to past and recent bounties
  • Goals of DXdao around REP distribution
  • Importance of decentralization to DXdao
  • Past public discussions around annual REP inflation

So once we complete this round and do some detailed analysis as Chris suggests, we can learn, adapt and deliver an improved experiment.


Really happy to see the REP discussion taking pragmatic shape.

I am wondering how can a noREPer gain REP in DXdao? I’m channeling as much relevant venture activity to DXdao the past months and would love to gain REP and become an official DXer :slight_smile:

Would a new member be also “Boosted” or is there a process for how to join DXdao?




what kind of venture activity exactly?

Im sure if you think you did something valuable, you could submit a proposal for some reputation. as long as the amount of reputation you request does not seem far off from effort contributed, then i think it probably pass !

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As @CLCL mentioned, the normal process which is still the main way to earn REP is by making a proposal related to contribution. You can get a sense by looking at historical proposals by one-off or part-time contributors.


@sky wow! really liked how you referenced burning man principles in relation to what we are doing!


Thanks for the feedback @CLCL and @sky. I’ll submit REP request with my next proposal :slight_smile:
For context the contributions I’ve brought to DXdao :slight_smile:




Looking forward to your on-chain proposal! :slight_smile:

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Expect seeing it any day now dear