Introducing Arc 2.0: Infrastructure improvements to the stack

Arc 2.0

Hi guys,

Happy to share info about Arc 2.0 and the upcoming improvements to the stack. This is one of the biggest infrastructure changes Alchemy thus far.
Big thanks to Oren and the Alchemy Dev Team.


  • Arc 2.0 significantly eases DAO deployment, plugin management, and general gas costs, all this while increasing security.
  • The result of feedback from DAO use cases, ecosystem devs, and new security and architecture realizations.
  • Its main objectives is to improve security, flexibility, user experience, and developer accessibility.
  • The stack will go through an audit in the next few weeks. We expect production readiness by mid August which includes migration scripts for existing DAOs to v2
  • A demo of this will be live next week.

This is an example of what a plugin manager proposal looks like.
Simply choose the plugin you want to add and insert the parameters. No more param hash!

The changes

1. Non-universal plugins

  • In stack 2.0 we gave up on the universal plugins approach.
  • All plugins are non-universal which means a separate plugin instance per DAO.
    -This reduces complexity at the contract level and increases security.

2. All contracts are proxy upgradable contracts.

  • Enable upgrades to DAO contracts implementations while maintaining addresses and storage.
  • The DAO serves as the proxy admin of its own contracts .
  • This increases security, UX, and enables upgradability.

3. Arc.Hive

  • ArcHive is an on-chain repository of all approved (Registered) DAOstack contract implementations.
  • Contract/DAOs which have been registered / verified in the ArcHive will be automatically indexed and show up in Alchemy (higher layers of the stack)
  • Plugins which would like to be added to the ArcHive need to be approved and verified by DAOstack. We aspire to have this managed by the community in the future.
  • The ArcHive architecture increases security via a tool that validates contracts and implementation in a trust-minimized way.

4. DAOFactory

  • DAO deployment in a seamless process, in a single transacation
  • DAO deployment cost is reduced by a factor of 10.
  • Use ArcHive contracts to create a DAO
  • DAO Factory DAOs will be indexed and will be shown in alchemy.
  • DAO creation is made fast, Cheap and with far better UX.

5. PluginFactory

  • Simplified process of the “Plugin Manager” in updating / adding of plugins to the DAO.
  • Plugin parameters are passed via the plugin add proposal.
  • A new Plugin instance is created and deployed upon execution.
  • GenesisProtocol parameters are set upon plugin Init, no need to pre-deploy governance parameters
    Easy and friendly UX

5. Tx Cost

  • Optimization was done to genesis protocol and plugins structure to reduce gas required for proposing/voting/staking.

6. Subgraph auto indexing

  • All Arc.Hive plugins/DAOs are automatically indexed by subgraph (no need to manually index).

7. Misc – more information on these releases soon.

  • NFT management plugin - send/mint/list
  • Arc.react - enable easy custom react ui components on top of subgraph and arc.js
  • JoinAndQuit and funding request
  • Key value on chain database
  • Etherscan/blockscout contract verification upon DAO deployment.
  • Full xDAI support with ERC20 token contract bridge.

Feel free to ask questions or reach out here or on the R&D / Genesis telegram chats.


Amazeballs, im very happy to see this. DAOstack might actually take the lead in both UX and DX with this. I do however still believe that there are better avenues to approach deployment than the ones sketched here.

Great! Can’t wait to see this in action.

Would love to hear any feedback on this! specifically deployment approaches.

Feel free to DM if you’d like :slight_smile: