Introduce yourself!

This is a thread for organizations, individuals, and aspiring/old GenDAO members to (re)introduce themselves!

Some prompts, in case you need or want them (go ahead and deviate):

  1. Who are you?
  2. What brings you to the DAO space, and the Genesis ecosystem in particular?
  3. What do you think you can bring as a contributor to GenDAO? What’s your secret sauce?
  4. Do you have any social accounts you’d like to share to the GenDAO?

I’m happy to start:

My name is Pat, I work as DAOstack’s Comms Lead. I’ve been in the Ethereum space since early 2017, and have been obsessed with DAOs since early 2018 when I read “Blockchain and the Economic Institutions of Capitalism.” I’m a GEN holder and plan on locking my GEN tokens once Genesis1.0 launches. I’d say my secret sauce is the ability to break down arguments logically and coherently. I have a Twitter and would deeply appreciate any and all follows.

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Hi all!

I like @AdrienDLT’s intro so I will follow the pattern.

I was at the DAOstack introduction in summer of 2018 in Berlin at a Token Engineering meetup at Full Node.

I joined GenDAO near the beginning, but then forgot about it since nothing sends email notifications.

I met @eric.arsenault on the plane from Vancouver who made me excited about DAOs again.


I have spent the past year and half deep in the Ethereum community with EthMagicians and CoreDev community work.

I am building FISSION, a company creating a serverless framework that uses decentralized web tech to create great developer experiences that make creating and deploying apps faster.

I have a long 15+ year history with open source, and am working on once again educating and radicalizing people about the creation, promotion, and support of open source software. I am expanding my thinking to include open data and how it might be locked open and not trapped in tech platforms.


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