Integrate Pocket Network into DXdao product RPC usage [Signal Proposal]

Tldr: This proposal would signal DXdao’s intent to explore using the decentralized RPC provider, Pocket Network, in DXdao’s products. The proposal would continue DXdao’s efforts to use decentralized infrastructure.


Many projects in the Web3 space rely on centralized tools or services that run on providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure or relayers that use these providers creating single points of failure.

DXdao believes that eliminating these central points of failure is critical for the future success of decentralized applications running on a fair, censorship resistant internet.

With this belief in mind, DXdao is heavily exploring opportunities to use better alternatives that are distributed, reliable and redundant.

One of the projects working to provide a solution is Pocket Network whose mission is to coordinate open access to the world’s public data by empowering anyone to provide unstoppable infrastructure.

Pocket is building a crypto-economic powered relay network for blockchain API requests. The goal is for the network to be more resilient and more reliable than its centralized peers.

Each DXdao product uses an “RPC provider” to send communications to the blockchain through the user’s wallet. At the moment, the two most popular services, Infura and Alchemy, are heavily centralized. Pocket Network can offer this service in a more decentralized way.


DXdao has the opportunity to start experimenting with Pocket Network by integrating it into DXdao’s products.

In parallel, DXdao and its community can participate in the Pocket Network.

DXdao Squads have had numerous communications with members of the Pocket team over the past couple months, including having the Pocket team present and having an open discussion on the public DXbiz Weekly Gathering on Nov 1st.

To begin exploration, the different DXdao product squads have been looking into the steps around technical integration. With a plan to identify which products to start with, first steps would be to begin sending some portion of DXdao product traffic to Pocket Network.

The Pocket team/community has created a step-by-step path to becoming a full user and stakeholder in the network.

DXdao can start with experimentation with the backing and help of the Pocket team. There is a mechanism in place for the Pocket team to stake POKT into the network on DXdao’s behalf. As the integration deepend and the relationship between DXdao and Pocket Network matures, there will be an opportunity to become a stakeholder in Pocket Network via acquisition of POKT tokens. The necessary steps for DXdao to “stake” POKT tokens into the network will likely take some technical discovery, but this is something that the Pocket team is also aware of.

Pocket Network has a small, but quickly growing community around its network of users. DXdao has the opportunity to lead by example and become an early user and supporter of an critical tooling ecosystem that provides a path towards a future decentralized web that is heavily in line with the core principles and goals of DXdao.

Next Steps

With the passage of this signal proposal, DXdao developers will begin exploring integration of Pocket Network into its products, including Swapr, DXvote and Omen.

DXdao will also explore the possibility of acquiring POKT tokens and staking them in a decentralized manner. This represents challenges because Pocket is its own network and DXdao would have to figure out how to control an entity in a trustless manner.

This signal proposal will also further strengthen the relationship between the Pocket Network and the DXdao community with a potential attendance on a DXdao community call.

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