Int_blue Retrospective October - November, Creative Director

  • int_blue Retrospective October - November, Creative Director

The highlights of October and November were for sure DEVCON Bogota, beeing part of Infinite hackathon and the dxDAO retreat in Cartagena. It was amazing to meet even more people from the DAO, connect with the eth community and discuss the future of the DAO.

Projects I have worked on in the past two month:

  • INFINITE HACKATHON: branding, landingpage and swag

  • DXDAO: swag for DEVCON

  • PROJECT DAVI: microsite and branding

  • CARROT: UX/UI, landing page content

  • Did well: I’ve got a lot of deliverables and assets in time. From microsites to swag

  • Did OK: implement better process and communication

  • Needs Improvement: say no to projects with unreasonable production deadlines due to to the lack of structure and planning from other squats


    1. Oktober - 30. November
  • Proposed Scope of Contribution:

    • Goals:
      • As a Creative Director, I strive to improve the standard of all things creative DXDao produces
      • Oversee marketing activities such as:
        • Product and DAO branding
        • Product positioning
        • Video and digital imaging direction,
        • Product and DAO landing pages,
        • Swag production
        • Consulting the DAO on communication strategy and corporate identity measures
  • Compensation:
    After an intense and busy summer I will take some time off in November and October to recharge. After DEVCON I will take a week off in October. In November I will work 50% and also take one week off.

In addition to that I did a mistake in my June/July on chain proposal, as a result I was over compensated by $9000. I will ask only for 1.550$ after posting my October/November review.

  • Experience Level: 7
  • Time commitment: October: 75% November: 39%
  • Salary
  • For 2 months of work at level 7, to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment proposal
    • October - $6,750 DAI ($6,750) 75%
    • November - $3,510 DAI ($3,510) 39%
  • Vested for 3 years with a 1 year cliff
    • October - $5,625 DXD
    • November - $2,925 DXD
  • [% AMT REP]: For 2 months of work , to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment proposal
  • October - .0125%
  • November - .065%

Work Experience:
Before DXdao I worked as a Creative Director in branding and digital design for some of the most prolific agencies and clients worldwide

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