Int_blue – Contributor Proposal June – August

  • int_blue Proposal April - May Creative Director trial period

  • Background:
    In my onboarding period I’ve led several projects and design related deliverables, I will continue my work on projects that are not fully complete like: ETHCC Paris Swag production, Carrot website and content production, refresh of DXstats and the DXgov designs. My main focus will be to develop communication and design measurements for the DXdao initiated Hackathon in October and the representation and communication of DXdao at the DEVcon. Besides that I will continue to work on a brand positioning project for DXdao.

  • Timeframe:

      1. June -1. August
  • Proposed Scope of Contribution:

    • Goals:
      • As a Creative Director, I strive to improve the standard of all things creative DXDao produces
      • Oversee marketing activities such as:
        • Product and DAO branding
        • Product positioning
        • Video and digital imaging direction,
        • Product and DAO landing pages,
        • Swag production
        • Consulting the DAO on communication strategy and corporate identity measures-
  • Compensation:

    • Experience Level: 7
    • Time commitment: June: 100% July: 100% (Fulltime)
    • Salary
    • For 2 months of work at level 7, to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment proposal
      • June - $9,000 DAI ($9,000)
      • July - $9,000 DAI ($9,000 )
    • Vested for 3 years with a 1 year cliff
      • June- $7,500 DXD
      • July - $7,500 DXD
    • [% AMT REP]: For 2 months of work , to be sent half on the first payment proposal and half on the second payment proposal
      • June - 0.1334%
      • July - 0.1334%

Work Experience:
Before DXdao I worked as a Creative Director in branding and digital design for some of the most prolific agencies and clients worldwide


You know what I would say here, but to keep it clean: I think it is going to be fun! Loving the designs so far IB! Right up my alley!