[Infographic] Vote2Earn Reward Model | CryptoToday - Decentralized Crypto Data Provider & Analytics | Built on Ethereum Blockchain

CryptoToday is a listing platform on the Ethereum blockchain best described as decentralized CoinMarketCap.

It is an aggregator, but it is truly decentralized as there are no big bosses in the office deciding what’s getting listed or which project fits the platform narrative. The idea behind CryptoToday is a vote2earn system run by the community for the community. The showcase of the platform is uploaded on the website.

Please tell me what do you think about this project.

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Hacken Audit Report:

this is the DAO centralized around the platform. The idea of troopers (that’s what we call our voters) is that they can vote on the decisions, guide the development, etc. But it is requisite for u, a trooper, to keep ur stake in centralized storage to be able to pass the vote. Wallets connected to the platform can be controlled and exploited by us as though we can control the DAO.