Infinite Hackathon and dxDAO retreat report

Dear DXdao community.
We have recently finished with our hackathon and retreat report. Also we have finished doing all the numbers (the ones related to us can be seen here, many others are found in the report) and are ready to receive the remaining payment. Until this day, Lateral has received u$d2500 in advance and all other payments have been done to venues or other providers.
Including plane tickets, travel expenses and our fees, the total sum to be paid to Lateral is u$d29932.25, to be transferred in DAIs to tchristie.eth (0x6b82694f6b9254da8cdb11be621f30e04dab0fd2).
Also we would like to invite all the community members to join this wednesday Nov 9, so that we can present the report to you all and talk about it if needed.
Best Regards!!