Include Levinswap in Swapr Aggregator

Hello everybody

I’m Luca, manager and lead of development for Levinswap, a Uniswap fork on xDai. Like others, we’re trying to build a DeFi ecosystem utilizing xDai’s fast & inexpensive blockchain. In our opinion, more DEXs and DeFi products on xDai will lead to better user experience, more liquidity overall and most importantly, innovation and for that reason, we’re excited to see more DeFi projects launch their protocols on xDai.

We’d like to request Swapr to include Levinswap’s pricing as well.

If anyone from the team wishes to contact me privately, please do:
Twitter: @Luca53729547
Discord: Luca - Levinswap#3285
Telegram: @LucaLevinswap



Thanks for the post @LucaSilverhand
I agree that there is big opportunity for a robust DeFi ecosystem on xDai. DXdao can definitely take at look at integrating Levinswap into Swapr.
I’ll send you a message on Discord too so we can connect. Cheers.