Incentivizing New Member Participation

One of the goals of DAOstack is to ensure our DAO ecosystem succeeds, and one important element of this is getting workers and builders interesting in joining and building with your communities.

ETH Denver is coming up, and we thought it might be a good idea to incentivize contributions to the communities in our ecosystem (PrimeDAO, DXdao, NecDAO, and others who are interested). It would look something like this:

  • DAOstack funds bounties at ETH Denver
  • The bounties would be something along the following:
    • A $1000 (amount TBD) prize to a contributor to DXdao, PrimeDAO, NecDAO within the next month who meets the following criteria:
      • Must be a new member who has not contributed to these communities before
      • The contributor must submit a proposal that passes to those DAOs any time within the next month
      • Those proposals must include a payment to the contributor for a minimum amount of $1000 (or the equivalent in some other currency). The payment should be for the contributor, and can’t be used to perform some other action like swap tokens.

One thing that would be super helpful in making this more effective is some kind of guide, or steps for new people to contribute, since it is often a challenge for new people to get their bearings straight.

Would this be useful? Is this a good use of funds?


Just getting here but great idea