Important Follow-up from the DXretreat in Colombia

At the retreat, I like that the group came up with a (potential) north star for DXdao: “Enable Community Freedom”

Now, I think it’s important to figure out how DXdao is going to move forward with this north star in mind.

For me, the three words Enable, Community and Freedom can represent the three pillars of DXdao.

They go well together yet they also can stand alone with great meaning:

For me, I wanted to think about each one individually and understand what it means to me.
I’d also like to understand how this compares to what it means to others.

In order to do that, I started to go deeper into each one. Some of the (incomplete) ideas I had are below:

In my mind, everything that DXdao does should align with one of the pillars. This will help organize and it will also help identify things that DXdao is missing.

I aim to go into each one.

Enable I break down into:

  • Research/Learn
    • Understanding the current Landscape
    • Using and experimenting extensively
    • Identifying what’s missing
    • Is someone else solving?
    • Deep research
  • Create/Build
    • Building for our own needs
    • DXventures to support others building what is needed
    • Is someone else building?
    • What’s cost/time/work/potential outcome?
  • Show/Educate
    • DXdao usage of tools/products
    • Educational sessions
    • Talks/presentations at conferences/podcasts/events/panels
    • Marketing - free/paid/other

Community I break down into:

  • Current Community

    • DXD holders
    • REP holders
    • Contributors
    • Users/DAOs
    • Social Community
  • Potential Community (from Web3)

    • Web3 community
  • Potential Community (from Web2)

    • Web2 Community

Freedom I break down into:

  • Access
  • Sovereignty
  • Choice (Portability)
  • Privacy

These all fit under Freedom:

  • Censorship-resistance
  • Financial
  • Sustainability
  • Unconquerable
  • Decentralization

Going through this exercise, I came across many questions.

For example, some open questions are:

Which communities are we enabling first?

How to prioritize?

How, where and when does revenue fit into “Enable Community Freedom”?

Which communities do we focus on first?

When and where do we target new Web3 and new Web2 communities?

When and where do we sacrifice on things that enable freedom?

Some Reflections about each vertical:


Enable is where most of the things that DXdao does sits.

I don’t think DXdao spends much time on Research/Learn

DXdao spends time on Create/Build for sure (largest set of resources). Is DXdao succeeding in creating/building? Swapr, yes, but less with all other products.

Have we been building without direction?

DXdao desires to show others by leading, but not fully possible yet. Plus others don’t seem to care too much.

DXdao does little around educating. We could do a lot more here.


DXdao has grown its community. More people recognize DXdao. There is often a missed connection between DXdao and its product Swapr.

Do people know what products DXdao is focused on or building?

The DXdao community seems to mostly cross with the Gnosis Chain ecosystem.

The greater Web3 community seems to not pay too much attention to DXdao.

The greater Web2 community does not know DXdao. We tried with Copenhagan Flames - it seemed like a missed opportunity and didn’t lead to much.


Freedom seems to be instilling the values into our products, our community and our decisions.

Up to now, I would say that values such as access, sovereignty, choice and privacy have been deeply embedded into most of what DXdao does and decisions it makes.

So overall, the Enable pillar is probably what needs the most attention.

Some ideas:

What is missing? What is needed? We need more people spending more time across the ecosystem.

How did Nimi find something?

Nimi team took something that DXdao did related to freedom and had deep experience with (leveraging ENS and IPFS) and applied it to the greater Web3 community and showed them the way using education and fun!

Carrot also came out of a similar path. DXdao had deep experience with prediction markets and though general prediction markets were not too popular, doing smarter Defi was an important topic. The space was doing dumb farming.

So DXdao figured out a way to improve farming (conditional farming) using its knowledge. It then tried to show the world how by using Carrot for its own use cases and spreading the word.

These two use cases did not need deep research but they needed openness to new ideas.

Often in this space, things come down to speed as well. Themes change quickly. Can you capitalize when the time is right?

Showing and educating is easier when it’s fun.

DXdao has basically zero experience with paid marketing. It always seemed unreasonable to pay for marketing if it was not possible to measure the benefit of the cost.

So instead, marketing has been via organic, social, conferences, podcasts, events, panels.etc.

Additional feedback welcome

This is my personal take into Enable Community Freedom.

I’d love to hear what others think about what DXdao can do with Enable Community Freedom.

I think it would be smart to spend more time on understanding our potential north star in order to better determine the path forward. I think this highly affects Phase 2 of DXdao’s restructuring.


Hey Sky, Great we were able to get discussions around getting NorthStar for DXDao.

I find one problem with the Enable . Community . Freedom
It tries to put the entire universe into this basket or maybe I am wrong and missing context since I couldn’t join the retreat. NorthStar / vision is driven from asking us only one question

“What is the measure of the total value that the users get from being associated with DXDao?”

For Omen, it could have been the total markets created by users.
For Swapr, it could be the number of unique wallets that has interacted weekly / monthly.

Vision / NorthStar defines and establishes the goal for the entire organisation for the next 3 to 5 years until a new vision is written down.

Vision is expected to be specific. If it uses vaguely defined terminologies, then we need to have a definitive answer how we will measure this vision. The vision statement of all the great and successful companies might be very vague because they have already achieved their success. But when they were a startup, it would never be vague / unmeasurable.

Maybe this is because I was not part of the retreat and there were some quality conversations that have happened around this, but nothing from this suggests what are we solving. But if we can get an answer to the below questions, we should be alright.

  • What is the value that we give to users when we say DXDao has enabled community freedom
  • What is the key metric behind Enable Community Freedom so that we can figure out if we are building towards the vision

Happy to discuss and deiberate so that we get to write a vision statement that is measurable so that it lays the path for DXDao, its products and squads to have the clarity of the path DXDao takes.

Hey @0xVenky - thanks for diving into this. Very helpful. I agree with you that Enable Community Freedom is VERY high level.

By north star here, I think we are referring to DXdao’s Why? Why does DXdao exist and what is DXdao’s purpose.

If this is the Why, and we agree that the three pillars are in line with the purpose of DXdao, and we agree what the three pillars are made up of then, next, we must start to put some tangible Objectives that lead towards DXdao achieving its purpose.

This is likely where your Objective and measurements of those objectives come in:

Total markets created by users or number of unique wallet interacting are very specific things.

How do we connect DXdao Enable Community Freedom and total markets created by users on Omen?

If users create 100 markets, is that leading towards DXdao’s north star? Is that a smart objective or relevant measurement?

At the retreat, we did come up with some Objectives but most of those objectives didn’t seem to originate out of DXdao’s purpose and its three pillars.

I think as a group, we still need to come up with very relevant objectives that lead towards DXdao’s north star.

I think you ask the right questions here: