Implementation of renVM to mesa/dxSwap

Hi, I would like to propose an implementation of renVM to our products - mesa and dxSwap.

renVM is the main product of REN Protocol. They created a bridge to move BTC on ETH chain. What is important, it’s fully permisionless and there is no need to overcolateralize our BTC etc. It’s getting traction and hype now. Just in the first week of operating the have almost 3m$ volume which you can check here: which implemented them just couple days ago has almost 1m$ total volume and over 300k$ in last 24h. It’s big boost for them and also can be for us.

There are no dubts that BTC on eth chain will be next big move. I think we should take advantage of it and of their hype and implement ability to exchange BTC for tokens in mesa/dxSwap as soon as possible.


Update 3 days later:

daily volume of renBTC on curve is more than 800k$ and almost 3m$ total. As you can see it’s growing very fast and I still think it can be big chance for us.