Idea to Include WORK token in Swapr’s Upcoming Farming Campaign

With the upcoming launch of Swapr beta’s farming campaign, there has been discussions around including an additional “Showcase” pool in the campaign.

Proposal to include incentives for a WORK/DXD pool on Swapr xDai for the following reasons:

  • Through its recent grant, DXdao is now a stakeholder in the Opolis system, and will also hold WORK tokens
  • WORK token is a native xDai token with a wide distribution of holders (currently over 1,300 wallets)
  • There is currently no DEX pool for WORK of any size on xDai Chain
  • WORK token currently has the attention of the community
  • A WORK/DXD pool with DXD rewards brings DXD to the attention of the ideal crowd who would be interested in DXdao

Proposal is to include the WORK/DXD pool in the campaign for 6 weeks with a target of $300,000 of Liquidity

The WORK/DXD pair is chosen as there will also be a liquid WETH/DXD pool making WORK/WETH trades accessible too.

As mentioned, it will also be a forcing function to help bring DXD to the attention of the WORK and xDai communities.

Goals for this program:

  1. Showcase Swapr beta’s farming to wider audience
  2. Tie in with a solid, growing community
  3. Build up a pool that could attract trading interest
  4. Create an incentive for people to acquire DXD
  5. Distribute DXD to interested staek holders

Update: Opolis’ WORK token is being relaunched and migrated to Polygon Network.

This puts a hold on this idea around a farming campaign for now.

DXdao needs to think more about how DXdao will interact with Polygon Network.

Will DXdao have a base there?
Will DXdao have products deployed there?
Will DXdao include Polygon in any Bridge experience?