Idea: Plan for the Expansion and Maturation of DXventures

The below idea is for discussion purposes as DXdao develops its “identity”.

Idea: Plan for the Expansion and Maturation of DXventures

DXdao is a decentralized collective native to the internet that is building a suite of Web3 products.

The idea for DXventures was introduced in February 2021 and ratified into existence by DXdao in March 2021.

During its early days, DXventures went through a learning process. Many different DXdao contributors helped contribute to the workings of DXventures, with a few people leading a few areas – the shepherding of projects into the DXventures funnel, the analysis of projects, and the set-up and execution of deals.

DXventures made its first investment grant into Opolis in May 2021.

The overall ecosystem is evolving quickly and DAOs are starting to participate in more roles within the space.

From discovery to incubation to investment to success:

  1. Fill Need: Focus on projects and teams that are building the products and systems that DAOs need and will need moving forward

  2. Grants: Support these projects from an early stage via grants, infrastructure support, governance mechanisms, and DXdao’s community

  3. Umbrella: Allow these projects to develop and grow under the DXdao umbrella

  4. Seed Funding: Make available critical seed funding for these projects

  5. Growth: Help these projects grow and flourish

  6. Investment: Path to DXventures investment

  7. Accrue Value: Returns for DXdao and DXD holders

As DXventures matures and expands its directives, it makes sense for DXventures to have a focused Squad led by a Squad leader. DXdao should seek out this Squad leader. The ideal candidate could:

  1. Define the future outlook for DXventures

  2. Field and filter incoming opportunities

  3. Seek out attractive opportunities

  4. Create “deal memos” to present to the DXdao community

  5. Grow DXventures team

DXdao currently has $1million of fund earmarked for DXventures. With this expansion, it would be appropriate to earmark an additional set of funds to be used for grants.

Early grants to interesting projects are a great way to bring exciting teams into the DXdao ecosystem. This grants also lead to deal flow for potential investments.

Overall, DXdao overall ecosystem will benefit from having a great focus on DXventures.