Idea: DAOs the new middleman for “accountable ICOs”

With the explosion of new decentralized governance capabilities, I see a future where ICOs creators can be held accountable for their actions.
By utilizing a project based proposal system, perhaps DAOs can be the middlemen for accountable ICOs.
A method where ICO funds are trickled into the creators wallets for each actionable event, might prevent the all too common problem of unnecessary spending and early exits from ICO creators.

Can DAOs and systems like kleros can be the future of ICO accountability?

It seems to me that the DAO with the most trusted participants, becomes the go to DAO overtime.


Yes, Daos have a future role as Angel and VC investors for blockchain projects. Most likely this will not look like ICOs but more like the continuous token offering of dxDao or other locked token schemes.

DxDao maybe able to provide governance to some early stage dapp projects as a part of such schemes.

That said, any dxDao involvement needs to separate governance from investment. Angel and VC investment is not a core competency of dxDao. Investing in early stage projects requires high risk capital allocation experience that is just not a primary skill of most dxDao members. DxDao would most likely step in at a later stage in these projects. Specifically when long term revenue streams can be projected with historical data and stable long term governance is required.


This is somewhat related to the thread proposing a “DXraise” product. It could also be possible to add features to Fairmint / Open Raise (front end here: where investors have control over disbursement of funds. Combining the concepts, it is possible to envision DXdao running a decentralized “investment bank” platform that curates projects and enables them to do accountable and responsible fundraising.


I would also highly recommend a due dilligence layer, at this point I do not think this can be done with any artificial intelligence. has been doing this due dilligence for a very long time upto around 4 years now.

For example reports of PNK can be used as a court to approve that sort of due dilligence by protecting sources and analysing them for example.

You can see the post here with code analysis and general due dilligence:

So PNK can then be used as a voting mechanism or OMEN for a prediction market to do due dilligence on independent sources.

The other layer that is needed is a layer of marketing and otherwise such as twitter and social media and spreading it through telegram and other community layers.