I would like to request REP for the first time, have I jumped through enough hoops?

I’d like to request REP and be more deeply integrated in this community.
So far I have done the following:

  1. Provided EXTENSIVE editing/feedback of The Index: A Governance Guidebook for DXdao Stakeholders
  2. Provided feedback on Omen Incentives for First Month doc
  3. Provided feedback on Omen Market Validity Rules doc
  4. Provided feedback/edits for Omen - FAQ document
  5. Provided valuable discussion in Omen keybase channel regarding incentives/invalid markets
  6. Created original document (currently publicly unpublished but being edited/commented by folks in keybase Omen channel) Guide to Good and Valid Omen Markets
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As a testament to my “DAO credentials” (aka "do we want this person to have influence?) if useful, wrote 2 articles on DAO + culture:

Does this pass the bar? If yes, what is an appropriate amount of REP to request for this level of contribution?

Thanks for any feedback.


Thanks for looking to the community for feedback. I know you have been active for at least a month now. Perhaps links to the documents you have assisted with could help those who may not know you as well. 1000-1500 REP would be the range (drawing from what I’ve seen) for first-time contributors.

Thx for all the contributions @IvanThinking!

I have a few questions :grimacing:
How much time do you estimate it took you?
Did you only authored the two articles you shared or you also authored any of the other docs you have been contributing?

I would approve ~2000 REP(1500 REP for the work + 500 REP for the initiative :muscle:)

Time: Good question. I did not explicitly measure it but I would say 5 hours on the edits/comments etc.

I did not author the other documents, just helped to edit them after they were drafted (esp the governance doc which I made over 80 suggestions/edits to - really got out the old red pen on it!)

FWIW I will be a critical voice of reason in the DAO. I am always happy to weigh in on an issue, especially looking at it from a user perspective, a human experience perspective, and a “big picture” perspective. My voice is abnormal in that it includes both a technology background as well as a psychology background (with a good lot of data strategy sprinkled in).

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Thanks for info and suggestion. Added links to docs in original post via edit.

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Great… I had MetaMask tell me my transactions FAILED 2x when trying to make the Proposal so I sent it a third time and suddenly all the “failed” transactions went through so now I have 3 stupid proposals of the exact same thing.