I am Adrien Berthou, member of Polkadao

Thread to introduce my overall contribution to Polkadao.

Much like the “I am Adrien Berthou, GenDAO contributor” and “I am Adrien Berthou, FestDAO member” threads, this thread is a work around until DAOstack/Alchemy has a profile dashboard like on Stackoverflow.

Note: this is not a comprehensive way to measure a member’s contribution though as many are not covered by the DAO proposal system.

Note that although quieter in the months of Jan-Mar 2020 , I am still active. I have onboarded several new members and still have regular calls with Ruben who is now in charge of the community growth.

08.03.2020 - Updgrade (4000) SAI for DAI - Passed & Delivered

19.11.2019 - Convert 500 DAI to GEN - Passed & Delivered

01.09.2019 - PolkaDAO Growth Support - Passed & Delivered
Note: :point_up:this proposal triggered a commitment that lasted around 3 months, do not miss the self accountability report

26.08.2019 - ParachainTracker.com - Proposal 01 - Passed & Delivered

22.07.2019 - Exchange 300 DAI for GEN - Passed & Delivered

23.06.2019 - ParachainTracker.com - Proposal 00 - resubmission coz of redemption bug - Passed & n/a

31.05.2019 - ParachainTracker.com - Proposal 00 - Passed & Delivered (cf cards in column ‘done’)

Note: the dates above are approximate

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