I am Adrien Berthou, FestDAO member

Thread to introduce my overall contribution to FestDAO, via my proposals history.

Much like the “I am Adrien Berthou, GenDAO contributor” thread, this thread is a work around until DAOstack/Alchemy has a profile dashboard like on Stackoverflow.

This is in no way exhaustive though as many contributions are not covered by these proposals. Contributions that mostly never get rewarded through the DAO include: meetings I attended, posts on FestDAO forum and discussions on FestDAO Telegram chat.

01/03/2020 - Photo Budget for DaoFest EthCC - Passed & Delivered (you must log into meetup.com to see the pics)

15/02/2020 - DAO side event during EthCC in Paris (March 2020) - Passed & Delivered with great success (100+ attendees over 4+ hours, 3 workshops and 3 fishbowls)

15/12/2019 - Speaking & Workshoping at P2P gathering in Paris (Jan 2020) V2 - Passed & Delivered with DaoCanvas Workshop and Speaking in Panel on DAOs

05/12/2019 - Speaking & Workshop’ing at P2P festival in Paris - Failed

15/11/2019 - DAO Meetup in Geneva (Dec 2019) - Passed & Delivered

15/11/2019 - DAO meetup in Zurich (Dec 2019) - Passed & Delivered

20/11/2019 - DAOfest needs speakers! - Passed & Cancelled by sending back the 160 SAI to the FestDAO treasury

15/11/2019 - Resubmission: convert 17 ETH in DAI - Passed & Delivered

01/11/2019 - Convert 17 ETH in DAI - Passed but not Delivered (forgot the ETH request)

Note: the dates above are approximate

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