HR & Recruiting New Contributors

Hi all, a lot of questions/confusion/frustration about HR/hiring/onboarding. It’s tough without a framework for DAOs but we should be working towards alleviating concerns whenever they block work.

What is DXdao looking for?

As a general update, the current Open Positions [internal] doc can be found here. This has a list of 11 roles but only half are filled out. If you’re squad needs talent, please make sure it is on this list.

If you’d like to share this to an interested candidate or external party, use this PDF for all the DXdao Open Positions [public], or send them individual ones:

  1. Senior Solidity Engineer
  2. Marketing/Narrative Builder
  3. Senior Web 3 front-end
  4. HR/People Mover
  5. Biz Dev whiz

We’ve already made some progress on these. @Tammy and @KeenanL have connections to two people interested in helping out in HR. @fluidDrop is doing a great job during his trial period for accounting/treasury. Meanwhile, Machina is providing support across Omen and marketing.

In my view, our primary focus should be on great devs, solidity engineers in particular. Anyone that fits that description should get fast-tracked. Separate from that we need a lot of help on the HR & marketing front even with the recent promising candidates. And then we should be on the lookout for Biz dev people and any others that can contribute. I’m also chatting with a recruiter friend this afternoon.

Filter process

Getting new contributors does require outreach. If you’ve sent the job description/open positions and someone is interested in contributing, send them the Contributor Guidelines and I’ve also found this “How We Work” document from Martin helpful. It’s hard to get to an answer immediately, and interested candidates will have to get familiar with the community and see where they can contribute, and that takes time. We need to be inviting to new people, but we want self-starters.

In terms of process, direct any interested candidates to the #Introductions channel on keybase. That can serve as the central hub for tracking and a ‘proof-of-interest’ for those that just ask “Are you hiring?”. I will make sure that there is some initial follow-up (weekly) to anyone that introduces themselves in the #introductions channel. Either by inviting them to one of the calls or directing them to a squad leader.

It’s okay to be picky. We only want contributors that “get DXdao”.

But to anyone that is interested in contributing,

  1. Send them Contributor Guidelines & How We Work

  2. Get them to make an intro in #introductions

  3. Invite them to their relevant call

That should weed out a lot of the folks that aren’t really interested. Hopefully, we can find HR help to refine the process and help it scale. Additionally, I’m working on making the Docs book more helpful for this and will hopefully have something in a couple weeks.

Thoughts? On positions we are interested in + the process for filtering them?


I want to be the first HR in China to start building a team without anything