How to submit a proposal to CENNZnet Grants DAO on Alchemy

How to submit a grant proposal to CENNZnet Grants DAO?

*Prerequisite: Metamask browser extension loaded with enough ETH to pay gas fees.

Step 1

Tweet the following tweet and modify the language if you’re interested:

This tweet is a social identity verification proof that serves as my grant request from .@centralityai #CENNZnetGrantsDAO on .@daostack


Step 2

Head over to CENNZnet Grants DAO instance on Alchemy: (Alchemy -> All DAOs -> CENNZnet Grants DAO -> Funding and Voting Power)

Step 3

Click the (+ New Proposal) or (+New Funding and Voting Power Proposal) button, this will open the following panel:

Follow the input field guidance as shown in the screenshot:

  1. <Proposal title / project name >
    (example: CENNZnet blockchain explorer stage 1, part 1/2. David, 1000 DAI + 1000 CENNZ)

  2. Hi #CENNZnet Grants DAO, < details of you proposal including links to github or other sources if relevant >

  3. Insert the tags CENNZnet and Centrality and anything else relevant.

  4. Insert the link of your tweet in the URL section.

  5. Paste your associated Metamask account public address

  6. Leave all reward fields empty except from the ones representing what you’re requesting

Step 4

Press (Submit Proposal) button, this will bring up the Metamask extension to ask you to confirm and sign transaction do that!

Wait for the block to be mined and see that your proposal is displayed

Done for now, wait for reputation holders to approve or give you feedback should the current proposal fail to pass unless you incorporate feedback to an updated version to be approved :slight_smile:

Kia Kaha!