How to (Properly) Submit a Proposal to the DXdao

If useful, perhaps we should pin this on Telegram or the website, to how people that there’s a process to contributing to the DXdao. Ideas & feedback are welcome.


As a newcomer, the main helpful part of this article is the link to dxDao resources. Otherwise it doesn’t really provide much in the way of actionable guidance. The article says that to submit a proposal you need to introduce yourself and make friends, without explaining where or how aside from “joining a governance call or two” which may not always be possible due to time zone differences and other work commitments.

Where the meat of the article should be - clear, direct guidelines on what makes a good proposal that clearly expresses how the proposal advances dxDao’s interests - there’s nothing but fluff. It essentially says talk to people in dxDao and see what they think. That’s a good idea, but not a good set of guidelines.

I’d suggest looking at MakerDao’s guidelines on their CDIPs at It provides useful and actionable guidelines that anyone can follow when writing a proposal.