How to launch DAO as developer?

The core contracts required by a daostack DAO are already deployed by the DAOstack team on mainnet as well as testnet and the addresses are available in Migration.json. You need to deploy an Avatar, custom schemes (if any), native reputation and native token contract. Check out structure of DAO for details on Avatar, scheme, rep and token.

Once you know what kind of DAO you want you will have to make few decisions specific to the use case of your DAO and decide the DAO Params as in dao-params.json

  • Choose a name for your DAO and the native token and its symbol

  • Do you want to use DAOcreator contract?
    Deploying a DAO with DAOcreator contract saves number of transactions to be signed by bundling up founder rep and token distribution (upto 100 members) in single tx and initial scheme registration in single tx

  • Which schemes to include in the DAO?
    Schemes are the actions a DAOstack DAO can take when a proposal passes/fails. Currently supported schemes in Migrations package are:

    • ContributionReward: Enables fund management proposals that distribute funds to beneficiary once the proposal passes
    • GenericScheme: Enables Avatar to make arbitrary function calls to a specific contract. For eg use Avatar to submit a proposal to Genesis Alpha on behalf of your DAO
    • SchemeRegistrar: Lets you submit a proposal to register more schemes (apart from initial schemes set at time of deployment) to the DAO
    • GlobalConstraintRegistrar: Lets you submit a proposal to register more GlobalConstraints
    • UpgradeScheme: Lets you upgrade the controller. Since Controller is not a Scheme it cannot be changed via SchemeRegistrar

    Find detailed documentation re Schemes in Arc Repo

  • Ucontroller vs Controller?
    Refer to documentation on Controllers

  • Decide on which Voting Machine to use and the parameters
    Set the voting machine parameters according to the needs of the organization. Currently you can deploy a DAO using migrations with only GenesisProtocol voting machine. You can find details about different voting machines supported by arc at

  • Who gets the initial rep and token in DAO?
    Edit the list of founder members’ address along with the rep and/or token to be distributed initially. You may choose to give equal rep to all or have differentiated rep.

Once you have decided on dao-params follow the instruction at Migrations to directly interact with migrations tool or use the Starter Template example to interact via javascript and setup the environment.

PS: Checkout the video walk through of deploying a DAO to Rinkeby Testnet using Starter Template

Have fun and good luck!


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