How to Create a Contributor Payment Proposal for REP and USDC with DXvote on xDai Chain

Steps to Create a Contributor Payment Proposal for REP and USDC with DXvote on xDai Chain:

1) Visit the URL: dxvote.eth

2) Click “+ New Proposal” button

At the top:

3) Enter an appropriate Title

4) From drop downs, choose:
Scheme → ContributionReward
Template → Contributor Proposal

Like so:

5) Fill in the Text field with Proposal details

At the bottom:

6) Fill in “Beneficiary Account” field with the wallet address you want the REP and USDC payment to go to

7) Fill in “REP Change” field with the actual number of mainnet REP you are requesting in integer form

8) Fill in “XDAI Value” field with “0” since you are not requesting xDai

9) Fill in “Address of Token” field with the token address of the token you want to be paid in. In this example, we use USD//C on xDai which is address: 0xDDAfbb505ad214D7b80b1f830fcCc89B60fb7A83

10) Fill in “Token Amount (in WEI)” field with the amount in WEI paying attention to the decimals of that token. For example, USD//C uses six decimals so 8,000 USDC is entered as: 8000000000
(Reference: 8 000 plus 000 000)

Like so:

11) Click “Upload to IPFS” button

Once the details are uploaded to IPFS, you should see an IPFS link which you can check before submitting proposal.

12) Click “Submit Proposal” button and confirm the transaction in MetaMask or equivalent.

That’s all folks!



Sometimes when you start off by choosing “Contributor Proposal” the template and the fields that show in the template are NOT feeding into the UI.

If this happens, you should try Refreshing the page and starting again.

One other trick might be to switch the Template to “Payment Proposal” and switch back to “Contributor Proposal” and see if the fields show up.

One last thing is that the “Payment Proposal” has similar fields so you might be able to use that.

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