How to Buy GEN: Four Options 💸

The below details the following options for purchasing GEN, DAOstack’s native collective attention token used for prediction in the holographic consensus framework.

Option #1: Centralized Exchange

This option is the most complex, but costs the least in fees.

1. Register and link your bank account to a cryptocurrency exchange. Registration and KYC procedures may take as long as two to four weeks. Some top exchange options:

Kraken | Coinbase | Binance | Bitfinex ** | Liquid **

** note that GEN is directly available on Bitfinex and Liquid and you can skip steps 2 and 4.

Supported fiat currencies for local jurisdictions may be hard to find. A quick google search can often fix this, however. Example.

A quick search yields the following (excluding USD, EUR, GBP – see above). I have not done extensive research on any of the below. This is from a quick Google search. Use these exchanges at your own risk. Please note that the above exchanges are generally recommended and cover most jurisdictions:

JPY - Liquid
AUD - Coinspot
CAD - Bitbuy
CHF - Bity
CNY - Binance
SEK - Coinbase
MXN - Bitso
NZD - BitPrime
SGD - Liquid
HKD - Liquid
NOK - Coinbase
KRW - Upbit
TRY - Coinfield
INR - Coinone
BRL - Braziliex
ZAR - CoinExpress

2. Buy ETH on the exchange with your fiat.

3. Transfer to an Ethereum wallet, such as Gnosis Safe or Metamask. A recent list of wallets was published here.

4. Transfer on Kyberswap or Uniswap from ETH to GEN

Option #2: Decentralized Exchange

This assumes the buyer already has cryptocurrency.

1/ If you do not have ETH or ETH-native tokens (ERC20), you’ll need to exchange your cryptocurrency for ETH. You can either do this with a centralized exchange (as described above) or with a swap service such as Coinswitch or Changelly.

2/ Swap your ETH to GEN using Kyberswap or Uniswap or use a decentralized exchange such as IDEX.

Option #3: Visa or Mastercard

This option usually charges the most in fees, but is the least complex.

1/ Purchase ETH on Kyberswap or Changelly with your credit card.

2/ Swap your ETH to GEN using Kyberswap or Uniswap or use a decentralized exchange such as IDEX.

Option #4: In Person or P2P

1/ Register on LocalBitcoins or LocalEthereum.

2/ Swap your fiat for BTC or ETH.

3/ Execute the steps described in Option #2.

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