How does a DAO go fractal? Draft 1

What follows is our initial assessment of how genesisDAO can “fractalize” by accepting other DAOs as members, as promised in this Alchemy proposal.

genDAO’s fractalizing rituals

To begin with, the onboarding procedure itself must be sketched out from start to finish. We believe that the ritual will look something like this:

On the applicantDAO side…

  • A new template for both:
    • screening
    • signaling
  • Feedback
  • Alchemy proposal

On the genDAO side…

  • mechanisms for checks and balances


The fractalization of DAOs has several implications on the topology of the DAO space, in the sense that a series of new DAO forms become possible once DAOs can join DAOs. We’ve taken a stab at defining these DAO forms and some related concepts, and assigned preliminary names to them.

What can fractalization do for us?

So, to situate this discussion in the context of the larger picture, why are we concerning ourselves with establishing a procedure for fractalizing genDAO?

Read the full draft here: