How does a DAO find the "right" people?

A DAO does not have an HR department. How do make sure we have the right talent available for all of our needs?

Thoughts and ideas below! :smiley:


How does any organization find the right employees or contractors? One of the big advantages a DAO has over a centralized organization is how agile they can be in hiring people, because this work is spread out among different stake holders. This is how it should work:

  1. A DAO determines a need and puts out a request for proposals.
  2. The Gen Predictors Network vets and boosts the better proposals to be approved. They can even reach out to the talent and encourage them to apply, maybe they can negotiate a finder fee with the contractor.
  3. The REP holders now have an easier decision to select the best talent for their needs.

Yes, it’s pretty basic.

When you say “…They can even reach out to the talent…”, who is “They”? Maybe we should be creating “hiring” proposals if we are finding we don’t have the right talent. .

I was thinking about this question because we have a bunch of proposals sitting in Trello, and was wondering if it was because we don’t have the right people.

Maybe it’s worth looking at which proposals might be highest priority first, and figuring out if we have the people who can execute on them.

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They are the Gen Predictors Network. If GenesisDAO says we want to hire someone to do a job and we will incentivize the people who boost the proposal, then it would make sense for a fully functioning Gen Predictors Network to find the talent that can do the job and have them apply so they can boost the proposal. Maybe we can do more. dxDAO has an initiative for storytellers, maybe we can do the same for people who promote active RFPs. We could reward people who take part in a twitter thunderclap campaign to draw viewers to our DAO RFPs. This problem could also be a good use case for the TCR idea I shared with you.

Unfortunately our Gen Predictons Network is underdeveloped. With the popularity of the dxDAO, now would be a good time to do a promotional push for it.

I think it would be perfectly fine to take those proposals from trello and submit them to the DAO explaining the work that needs to be done and a price range for each and see which ones are voted as a priority. The DAO vote would only be over deciding if we want to do that work, not approving any budget or payment. This would be the official RFP signal from the DAO. We can then promote that message through our networks to get someone to write a proposal to do the work.

As a new joiner (got reputation holder yesterday :slight_smile: this is an interesting question. Coming from the PolkadotDAO angle (where I did an initial proposal) and having in my professional life a lot of exposure to business cases / seed phases / IT projects I realized that the whole proposal lifecycle (and potentially monitoring aspect) is pretty basic (yet). As you mentioned there seems something like a backlog (trello task) somewhere available with some feature requests etc. and not visible (didn’t get hold of it). rstef proposal I think would make them visible and voteable. Perhaps what I would expect dependent on the complexity of the task to bring them in a “Pre-inception” phase into the DAO voting. I.e. provide some seed-funding to do get initial business analysis, estimations, roadmap (milestones, sub-division into independent deliverables with could be requested sequentially) done. This phase would ask for a fraction of the overall budget and would then in a second proposal voting round oultine the roadmap (milestones), strategy to solve the problem overall, as well as funding for 1st milestone (with meaningful results). “Problem” → Preinception Funding → Milestone 1 Funding → Milestone 2 Funding → … I tried out this approach with my initial PolkaDAO proposal (I didn’t ask for Pre-inception phase funding which I did in a way as sales-pitch work, but then for the 1st milestone).

Personally interested to see how this work out and plan to get such a process more conceptualized as a blueprint for more complex project requests. Idea is to develop a proposal “blueprint for complex project request approach” if this may useful for the Genesis Alpha DAO.

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I think one of the issues in the DAO sphere is that we need to come up with better profiling methods to figure out who is good at doing what. I have found through collective intelligence research that people are actually up to many tasks that they are unqualified to perform, if only the task is something that really resonates with them (if they feel inspired, in other words). Conversely, even if their CV shows that they are qualified to do a task, they might do a poor job at it in practice. How can we do a better job of creating profiles that makes us feel freer and more expansive than the LinkedIn profile? This is a huge and important question.

I think that we need to have really in-depth conversations about reimagining HR in a decentralized environment. HR doesn’t just hire people; it is a place to go to when there are abuses happening. I have never been a big fan of the HR department; but I have noticed that this absence in the blockchain space creates a pretty brutal environment, especially for women.

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