Hegic / dxDAO Collaboration. HEGIC Token on Mesa Interfaces

hi all,

i’m building Hegic: https://www.hegic.co/


What is Hegic

Hegic is an on-chain peer-to-pool options trading protocol built on Ethereum.

i’ve released it on 20/02/2020. code is open sourced here.

Hegic is live in mainnet for six months in a row (yay! love myself! jk)

if you know little about options, you can learn options basics on Hegic’s gitbook.

whitepaper is hosted on IPFS. feel free to read it (it’s a bit outdated, sorry for that).

the latest contracts security audit report can be found here.

here’s a link to the spreadsheet with on-chain data on each hedge contract (option) that has been activated during the first two months of Hegic protocol being live.

here you can find v1 on-chain data. i’ve released v1 in june & it’s live now.


Integrating HEGIC Token-economics Into the Protocol

i’ve recently published the HEGIC token-economics announcement article on Medium.

• Token standard: ERC20

• HEGIC token on Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/token/0x584bC13c7D411c00c01A62e8019472dE68768430

• HEGIC Token Distribution:

  • 3,012,009,888 HEGIC tokens
    (fixed total supply, not mintable)
  • 20% (602,402,000 HEGIC): Early Contributors
  • 10% (301,200,988 HEGIC): Hegic Development Fund
  • 40% (1,204,809,000 HEGIC): Liquidity M&U Rewards
  • 25% (753,001,000 HEGIC): Bonding Curve
  • 5% (150,596,900 HEGIC): Balancer Pool

details on HEGIC token fuctionality, utility etc. can be found in the ann article above.

Open Auction on Mesa

in order to conduct a fair token launch, 3% of total supply (90,360,300 HEGIC tokens) will be allocated for an open auction on Mesa. 100% of funds attracted during an open aution will be allocated in the liquidity pools on Hegic for the liquidity bootstrapping purposes (50% to the ETH pool and 50% to the WBTC pool).

100% of net premiums earned by these pools will be distributred on a monthly basis among the active HEGIC staking lots holders during this period of time: 12/09/2020 – 12/09/2021. after this yearlong bootstrapping period, funds attracted during an open auction will be withdrawn from the liquidity pools and allocated in the Hegic Development Fund for funding the long-term development of the protocol.

an auction is intended to be held on Mesa from 09/09/2020 to 11/09/2020 (72 hours).

Adding HEGIC Token to Mesa Interfaces

i’ve added HEGIC token to the Gnosis protocol (token’s ID is 145).

i also want to add HEGIC token to Mesa interfaces in order for the future IDO participants to have an ability to easily find the right token for acquiring during an open auction.

Hegic and dxDAO Cooperation

we can collaborate on implementing proper governance mechanisms in the Hegic protocol as dxDAO has experience and traction in this area. i’ll be happy to learn from you and spread the word about dxDAO if manage to successfully conduct an auction.

p.s.: feel free to chat with me in this topic or on Keybase @ mollywintermute


Thanks for the post @0mllwntrmt3. Which part of this breakdown would the 3% sold in auction on Mesa come from?