Guide for starting proposals on Alchemy


this is a guide I put together for the gitcoin donors to create a proposal. I want to share it for general usage.

You can find an example here (it is the approved proposal which granted gitcoin donors Dxdao reputation: (

Gaining reputation:


In order to obtain your reputation you need an Ethereum address. The reputation you will receive is non-transferable. Therefore we recommend to use a gnosis safe as the reputation will be owned by a smart-contract wallet. You can always change the ownership of the smart-contract wallet and with that your reputation. Furthermore a Gnosis Safe Wallet is more secure e. g. because of a 2-Factor-Authorization and it’s features could be extended in future. A mobile version (IOS, Android), a browser app ( and a chrome browser extension ( are available.


Follow this link to have an overview for a proposal already made by a donor:

To gain reputation you simply create a proposal on alchemy:

  • Just follow this link:

  • Click on the button “New Funding and Voting Power Proposal”, a small window will open separately, see an example with a guide here:

      1. “Gitcoin Grant 0.15%/0,3%”. 0,15% if you donated for one project/0,3% if you donated to both projects.
      1. Fill in your Username and the transaction link(s) for your donation(s)
      1. Fill in your Ethereum address where you want your reputation to be locked
    • 4.1. Hover over “978,56k REP” (the amount of distributable reputation can change, you might see a lower amount) and you will see the exact available distributable reputation amount. Calculate 0,15%/0,3% of that: In this example 0,15% of 978.568,48 REP=1,467.85272REP=1,468 REP.
    • 4.2 Fill in the calculated amount, in this example 1,468 REP.
      1. Hit the button “Submit proposal” and enjoy watching your first proposal being voted on. This will take approximately 7 days.