Guidance on DXdao's Partnership Proposal Process Structure

Guidance on DXdao’s Partnership Proposal Process Structure

DXdao warmly welcomes all creative and entrepreneurial members of the wider DeFi community, who may not be fully involved with DXdao, but nonetheless are familiar with DXdao’s products and initiatives, and who are also aware of all the interesting innovations happening within the thriving DeFi ecosystem, bring new ideas to the attention of the DXdao community.

If you happen to have ideas effectively leveraging DXdao products to the benefit of the space through possible joint initiatives, partnerships, integrations or investment opportunities, and you wonder how to move forward, this step-by-step guiding structure aims to shed light on the preferred path to engage with the community and submit a successful proposal.

1. Join DXdao’s DAOtalk forum.

  • Browse through to make sure that ideas similar to yours haven’t already been up for discussion.

  • Create a new topic with a clear title and the proper category and tags in place.

  • Give us some background, e.g. introduce yourself and your team, and how you came to know DXdao.

  • Explain your idea clearly, sharing your motivation, and the reasons for expecting the desired outcomes, along with any risks and considerations. Preferably utilize references and links, perhaps visuals, in order to make it easy on the readers.

2. Join our social media channels - Discord, Keybase, Telegram

  • Share your forum post with the community.

  • Do not hesitate to prompt for people’s attention and comments.

  • Give it a good week, while answering any questions the community might raise.

  • Meanwhile, feel free to attend DXdao’s weekly Monday business development call to get up to speed with current high priority initiatives, and/or the bi-weekly DXdao Discord Community Call.

3. Submit your proposal for an on-chain decision-making vote.

  • After engaging with the community, once you feel confident that your proposed idea is well met and may reach consensus, you can submit an onchain proposal on Alchemy.

  • Share your proposal with the community.

  • Give it the needed time and patiently wait for the outcome. Submit your proposal for an on-chain decision-making vote.

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If for some reason one prefers to remain anonymous, one can share their ideas in this document, which will be reviewed at least once a week.