Growing the DAO ecosystem

So I’ve been thinking a lot about what it will take to grow the DAO ecosystem. One thing being money, another is finding the right people.

Will network effects alone be enough for all DAOs to grow freely? Is there room for a “recruitingDAO” to help service the entire space?

Traditional organizations rely on network effects too (their employees) to grow a company, but it often isn’t enough.


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A difficult question. Here some foods of thoughts from my side

Is finding people who want to “engage” with a DAO enough? John Hagel articulates “passion” as the key feature required in the new world (highly recommended reading)

“If the schools don’t squeeze the passion out of us, our work environments surely will. But, here’s the challenge. As I’ve written before we’re moving from a world where our institutions are driven by scalable efficiency to a world where our institutions will be driven by scalable learning. And passion, which is so suspect in a scalable efficiency world, becomes a prerequisite in a scalable learning world.”

So how can a DAO attract and find people, who have the “passion of explorer” spirit injected and may contribute and push forward the establishment of DAO substantially? Potentially by combining a DAO with a learning world, would attract such persona types.

As I’ve written here ( this new working model may also come with hyper specialized work forces (free-lancer) which are experts in some very specific field and may be required for just a specific job in a DAO evolvement (i.e. some legal stuff). This kind of a people will be passion in their field and may not be too much interested in a long term relationship in a DAO ecosystem. These are more “engagment hunters” (in a positive term) which may work for a multitude of enterprises and DAO’s in order to assess problems, fix them and move on. For these a “recuritment DAO” may be a good opportunity, which does the match-making of current problems to be solved to person who can fix it. Obviously compensation will play here a role, to attract them.

So a DAO may be backed by a small to medium team of “passion of explorer” community complemented by a larger group of people (maybe with strong fluctuation) which may contribute to the solution of a very specifc problem (and get compensated) and which will move into the background again. If a DAO provides a learning model in its DNA it may attract over time more and more passion of explorer individuals who want to move into the inner circle and speed up the DAO evolvment.