Governance Q1 Update and Roadmap

On Friday, I presented a Governance Q1 Update and Roadmap to the DXdao strategy call. You can watch it here, or read below for the slides with some annotation.

First, a quick look back at some accomplishments in 2021 for DXdao governance

And then, looking ahead, what exactly is a roadmap for governance?

“Governance” is a word that’s thrown around a lot but it’s hard to pin down precisely what it means. Clearly, there are on-chain actions - staking, voting, submitting proposals, etc - that are governance actions that we can see and measure, but it entails a lot more.

I think there are two big buckets for DXdao governance activity, 1. Keeping the Lights On 2. Reaching Consensus on Key Issues

Before all else, governance needs to make sure the trains run and the trash is picked up; in DAO-land, this means making sure payments are processed, proposals are passed and that information is communicated to stakeholders as well as a lot of on-chain actions (gas guzzler).

The other important element of governance is facilitating consensus on important issues. This is a less clear mandate but just as crucial. It boils down to answering these questions:

What issues do we need to address as a collective? What items do not have a prior governance precedent or are not successfully delegated to a squad for execution?

Governance must bring the community together and decide on new things. Most of the time, this is not contentious, it simply requires a group to put things down in text and code. Other times, we have to iron out differences and find a consensus solution

But, that requires us to know what we should spend time on and what issues should be solved.

So, below are the on-going initiatives for Q1.

@fluidDrop and @Melanie are executing Treasury and Contributor UX, so the primary governance responsibility is just on-chain voting. The other items are part of “Keeping the Lights On”.

In Q1, we also have an opportunity to tackle new issues, ones that where we lack consensus consensus on or have yet to fully research. Below are the four key issues I plan to prioritize in Q1

I plan to make DAOtalk posts about each of these to start gathering feedback and try to reach consensus.

There are other things where DXdao governance could focus its efforts. These are important, but not priorities (at the moment). Here’s a list:

Any comments and suggestions? Are the four priorities the right ones to focus on in Q1? Or are there other things that deserve attention? Feel free to bring them up below or make a post about them to start the conversation.


Exciting update!

Where does giving DXD holders voting rights fit into the plan?


Fantastic updates here. I think there’s a healthy balance between what’s under Keeping the lights on and Reaching consensus for key issues,.

Haven’t been at the DAO too long so might not comment on main priorities. However if I had to suggest based on a curation of my experiences thus far, I’d agree we certainly need more DAO2DAO relations.

I also think it might help for the DAO at some point to look in the direction of organization into pods as a tool we could use to achieve even better decentralized governance?

I’m particularly excited about External Governance relations cue: ENS. The ENS integration is probably my favorite thing about DXDAO!! LFG!


That’s the main goal of gov 2.0

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A plan for unified REP and DXD governance was passed by DXdao governance last March. You can read more about the Gov 2.0 plan here.

The DXgov team is working on implementing this technically, but it is a large endeavor. @ross gave a good overview of where they are at on the forum:

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Thanks! I have read all that.

What wasn’t entirely clear to me was how the Gov 2.0-related objectives fit into the Q1 roadmap and priorities that you’ve outlined. I see now, though, that you did mention “Gov 2.0 good governance incentives” and “other Gov 2.0” items as “also important” but not top priorities for Q1. Looks like I can deduce this means that DXD voting rights are not a top priority for Q1.

Not trying to be critical; just making sure I understand.Thank you!

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I suppose this is a difficult thing to distinguish but the work needed on governance 2.0 falls more under the DXgov umbrella which would be the development side of that.
Generally what Chris has been covering is the more operational side of governance (of which there is lots) which will certainly be a big part of gov 2.0 but only once it is implemented.
Although as we implement it also Im sure there will be plenty of opportunities to further refine the spec from Chris’ side.

Maybe we need a new name for Governance to distinguish from DXgov, perhaps DXgovOps / DXdaoOps.

We’ll also soon have a DXgov recap and outlook so keep your eyes peeled for that.