Governance Platform Needs

Hey all,

Ezra from DAOstack here. I’ll be leading DAOstack’s efforts to make serious improvements to Alchemy over the next few months, which we’re pretty excited about, and I wanted to reach out to get the conversation started about what Prime DAO wants to see in its governance platform, so we can try to incorporate those needs.

I know this conversation has been floating around, so if I’m missing the main thread somewhere, please direct me!

Here are a few things I’ve heard from Pat or others that the DAO might be interested in:

  • Scalability, obviously a hot button topic
  • DAO to DAO interaction features

Besides these, here are a few other improvement areas we want explore:

  • A generic multi-call scheme, letting DAOs call whatever sets of functions they want via proposal (making it much easier to interact with whatever protocols you’d like). This is close to completion, and being developed in collaboration with DXdao.
  • Major UX/UI upgrades
  • A comms overhaul, including getting Arc and Alchemy documentation up to the standards of a great open source project

Without going into details, do folks feel like these are the main needs from the governance platform? Anything important that doesn’t fit into these areas?

Relatedly, how would you like to have this conversation? We can use this DAOtalk thread, but I’m just as happy to use discord, calls, or whatever else.


Current wishlist right now:

  • Single step delegation
  • Off-chain pre-proposals with signal voting + one click “submit to DAO” to move on-chain — think: DAOtalk meets Alchemy
  • Dynamic REP allocations — e.g. 30% of REP is distributed to lockers, 70% to workers; ability to whitelist and assign roles to these categories
  • Flagging in Alchemy (to signal potentially malicious proposals) — should be limited to DAO members … proposals with enough flags should display in a way that warns the DAO.
  • Escrow payouts + ability to proposer to assign oracles / arbitrators for the escrow
  • Ability to elect / remove Gnosis Safe members and assign governance of certain schemes to given Safes (think: “executive councils”)
  • Token-neutral holographic consensus (replace GEN with PRIME for PrimeDAO)
  • DAO-governed vesting contracts scheme + intuitive interface
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