Governance Platform -- Needs and Ideas

Hey, everyone! This thread will serve as a place for DXdao members to discuss wants and desires from Alchemy and the governance platform in general.

Please reply with any issues, needs, and suggested solutions for the governance platform, based on your experience participating in DXdao. This will help the DAOstack team prioritize the right changes both long and short term!

Some needs I’m already aware of from convos I’ve had with members:

  • Easier arbitrary transactions on Ethereum by the DAO (generic schemes or otherwise)
  • Scalability, i.e. cheaper transactions
  • Off-chain signaling (e.g. polling options that are mapped to voting power in the DAO)
  • Project management tools
  • Fully decentralized hosting (avoiding the subgraph?)
  • Various UI improvements and additions (fleshed out history, members, etc.)

What kinds of solutions/implementations would you like to see for the above? What other issues and suggestions do you have with the governance framework and interface?

(Keep in mind that for very small fixes, you can submit them directly as github issues and we’ll likely be able to implement them quickly if there aren’t any issues!)